Murphy the Model

Michelle and I had a little fun today, posing Murphy and taking photos of him.  Angus was always like working with a fashion model….we would pose him and he would lovingly accommodate our wishes.  Murphy, on the other hand,  likes to do things his own way.  While Angus would “sit pretty”,  resting back on his haunches if we asked, Murphy kind of lies down and looks at us (and the camera) in disgust.

Today, Murphy was rather mild-mannered, listening to our instructions, then promptly lying down on the floor as if to tell us he simply was not going to make things that dreadfully easy for us!

As you can see, Murphy is just downright cute, so how could I ever yell at him? And yes, in the end, our model was greatly rewarded with cookies!  Mmmmmm!

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  1. Murphy is ADORABLE! And I can tell he is getting a WHOLE lot more attention!!! He seems to be responding quite positively to that!! Loved seeing you today Kae!!! Can’t wait to get together again….it’s just WAY too long in between!!! Thanks so much!!!

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