While the Kids Played….

(raquetball),  I went to downtown Rochester to take a few photos. I used my little point and shoot and am disappointed by the image quality.  Mark dropped me off so I could walk along the streets of Rochester for a bit.  I am glad for the little camera, though, as I saw some pretty scary individuals….probably most were homeless and a little demented.  I think I would feel more intimidated by these folks if I were carrying a big camera and walking down the street in the middle of the city!

I took these photos near the Corn Hill section of the city.  Corn Hill is located parallel to the Genesee River.  That is the water that is to the right in the photos.

After taking a few shots looking downtown,  I walked back to the truck when I became aware of an awful noise….Swirling all around above the river were hundreds, no, thousands of crows.

It was so cold walking along the streets!  We have become such big sissies with all the unusual warm temperatures we have had most of the fall!