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To the interesting cemetery that I found while on a little ride.  I was having some trouble resizing and saving the photos, then i had more trouble trying to upload them to the blog!  So, now that things are working well again, I wanted to show these photos of this very old cemetery.

As you look at the pictures, you can see that many of the headstones are leaning and falling down…and apart!

This particular stone I found to be very interesting!

Yes, in the midst of many others who left this life so soon, this woman lived 93 years! 

The next photo is very curious to me.  There is a section of headstones that are all set in this cement “foundation”! 

and, sadly, there sits a pile of broken bits and pieces off the headstones in a heap.

I suppose many of these “pioneers” lived so long ago, they and their memories are long forgotten.  This little cemetery situated near cornfields was such an interesting place to visit.  Truth was, I was no longing to linger.  It just seemed between the dreary weather and the isolated “feeling”,  I was ready to shoot and run!

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  1. Many years ago, I had a summer job cutting grass in a cemetery…it was vandalized so many times. It’s just awful. Very odd that the one woman lived to be 93! That was almost unheard of back then!!

    Send me a text and let me know if we can do lunch next week??

  2. This place looks familiar from my driving around back roads over the years.I swear I’ve been by this one before.All I could find was a Mary Harwood of Gorham listed as a widow who died of cancer but her age is listed as 91.

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