Murphy and Mr. Fox

Murphy loves getting up before the sun.  I have finally gotten him to abandon the notion that 5 or 5:30 am is time to rise and shine;  now, we sleep in until 6 am.  Seriously, I don’t mind that at all. 

A couple of mornings ago, after eating his breakfast and going outside,  Murphy and I settled down on the couch to just relax and enjoy the pre-dawn time together.  Or, so I thought.

Murphy hopped down off the couch and began sniffing around the rug, checking to see if perhaps a tasty morsel appeared overnight.  Then, suddenly,  “CRUNCH!”

Murphy had found Mr. Fox….his toy with the empty plastic water bottle inside!  He crunched and crunched, throwing Mr. Fox into the air, then chasing after him when he landed on the floor.  Yes, it was early, and the noise is enough to raise the dead,  but Murphy was so cute!

Yup. Murphy fought the evil Mr. Fox, and he won!