Yay for Yesterday!

Yesterday, I met with one of my very special friends!  Yup, Jeanne and I met on the internet, then in real, live person, last year.  Jeanne and I both blog and we both love doing crafty things.  We both love dogs and the list goes on and on.  What a treat to make a new friend any time, but even moreso when we don’t live too far apart!

We met at Wegman’s and had lunch and hung out together.  We always have so much fun giggling about things and it seems like the time passes much too quickly.   We had a good time and talked about getting together again. 

I brought along two of my little Scottie Bells for Jeanne, along with some candy.  She gave me such a pretty necklace!  I am having problems uploading photos again….what is up with that, anyway?

So, I shall leave you with an interesting photo.  The past couple of nights, it has been so very, very cold at night!  When I woke up in the morning,  upon going outside,  I could hear the hydrants over at Bristol Mountain, making snow.  Now, we have no snow at all on the ground. Truth be told, the woods are looking kind of drab with tons of brown leaves and stark naked trees….so this photo kind of tells it all!

You can see the snow is somewhat sparse, but the funny thing?  People were already skiing!

Murphy the Model

Michelle and I had a little fun today, posing Murphy and taking photos of him.  Angus was always like working with a fashion model….we would pose him and he would lovingly accommodate our wishes.  Murphy, on the other hand,  likes to do things his own way.  While Angus would “sit pretty”,  resting back on his haunches if we asked, Murphy kind of lies down and looks at us (and the camera) in disgust.

Today, Murphy was rather mild-mannered, listening to our instructions, then promptly lying down on the floor as if to tell us he simply was not going to make things that dreadfully easy for us!

As you can see, Murphy is just downright cute, so how could I ever yell at him? And yes, in the end, our model was greatly rewarded with cookies!  Mmmmmm!

Oh my, my, my….

Today was a day of mixed emotions for me.  This would have been the ninth birthday of our little Angus and let me tell you, he is so missed.  It seems the sting of losing Angus almost two months ago has been so hard. Today, little Murphy sat quietly in the truck while we left him for awhile….I often wonder if he also is missing Angus.

Here is a photo of a professional photo of Angus, taken when he was just ten months old.  We had attended a Scottie Dog Picnic in September and the photographer had been hired to photograph the Scotties!

While the Kids Played….

(raquetball),  I went to downtown Rochester to take a few photos. I used my little point and shoot and am disappointed by the image quality.  Mark dropped me off so I could walk along the streets of Rochester for a bit.  I am glad for the little camera, though, as I saw some pretty scary individuals….probably most were homeless and a little demented.  I think I would feel more intimidated by these folks if I were carrying a big camera and walking down the street in the middle of the city!

I took these photos near the Corn Hill section of the city.  Corn Hill is located parallel to the Genesee River.  That is the water that is to the right in the photos.

After taking a few shots looking downtown,  I walked back to the truck when I became aware of an awful noise….Swirling all around above the river were hundreds, no, thousands of crows.

It was so cold walking along the streets!  We have become such big sissies with all the unusual warm temperatures we have had most of the fall!

Back to last week…

To the interesting cemetery that I found while on a little ride.  I was having some trouble resizing and saving the photos, then i had more trouble trying to upload them to the blog!  So, now that things are working well again, I wanted to show these photos of this very old cemetery.

As you look at the pictures, you can see that many of the headstones are leaning and falling down…and apart!

This particular stone I found to be very interesting!

Yes, in the midst of many others who left this life so soon, this woman lived 93 years! 

The next photo is very curious to me.  There is a section of headstones that are all set in this cement “foundation”! 

and, sadly, there sits a pile of broken bits and pieces off the headstones in a heap.

I suppose many of these “pioneers” lived so long ago, they and their memories are long forgotten.  This little cemetery situated near cornfields was such an interesting place to visit.  Truth was, I was no longing to linger.  It just seemed between the dreary weather and the isolated “feeling”,  I was ready to shoot and run!

Murphy and Mr. Fox

Murphy loves getting up before the sun.  I have finally gotten him to abandon the notion that 5 or 5:30 am is time to rise and shine;  now, we sleep in until 6 am.  Seriously, I don’t mind that at all. 

A couple of mornings ago, after eating his breakfast and going outside,  Murphy and I settled down on the couch to just relax and enjoy the pre-dawn time together.  Or, so I thought.

Murphy hopped down off the couch and began sniffing around the rug, checking to see if perhaps a tasty morsel appeared overnight.  Then, suddenly,  “CRUNCH!”

Murphy had found Mr. Fox….his toy with the empty plastic water bottle inside!  He crunched and crunched, throwing Mr. Fox into the air, then chasing after him when he landed on the floor.  Yes, it was early, and the noise is enough to raise the dead,  but Murphy was so cute!

Yup. Murphy fought the evil Mr. Fox, and he won!


It has been a few days since I last posted an entry to my blog.  It just seems like there is always so much going on lately and I get so tired by the day’s end!  I really will try to do better.

I cannot believe it is already December.  Does anyone know where this year went?  Time seems to be zipping right along, paying no heed to our desires for “just a little more time”! 

For years, I have had a desire to have a “Christmas cabin” deep in the woods.  Far enough away to not have to worry about electricity and such.  A place to escape from all the hoopla and just to spend time doing the simple things in life! I have to say that as much as I enjoy computer time,  I really enjoy doing things the old-fashioned way. 

When is the last time you wrote a grocery list?  Played a board game?  Lit candles and left the electric lights turned off?  Sat and read through the newspaper?  Read a magazine?  Opened a book and took a deep whiff of the smell of new book?  We have become so attached to our electronics,  it is hard to step backwards!

I guess one of the reasons I would love to have my little cabin to escape to is to gather my wits.  Sometimes it just seems like there is too much, too fast.  Information spreads like wildfire, and while that can be a good thing, it also puts stress on us. I know for a fact that when there is too much stress, I start having breathing issues.  That probably isn’t the only reason, but it certainly contributes.  What is wrong with doing things a bit more slowly and doing a thorough job? 

Okay, I will get off my soapbox for now.  I realize my dream is just that and perhaps will never be made real.  I guess that is okay, too.  I can always escape in my mind, after all!

Do you have any special dreams for Christmas?