Of Leaves, Breads, and a Very Smart Girl!

Ben and Mark worked out behind the house today, trying to get some work done on the new ramp.  The weather was actually balmy for this time of year. 

I wanted to fix a hearty lunch for Mark and Ben, so I grabbed some ground beef from the freezer.  As I looked around, I realized we didn’t have any buns for hamburgers. Realizing that the family loved  the Camelized Onion Bread I made yesterday, (to the point where only a tiny piece remained!)  I decided to make another batch with a twist….instead of a big round,  I cut it into twelve pieces for a dozen hamburger buns!  Everyone said they were great!

After lunch, Michelle and I went out to work on the deep pile of leaves on the grass in some spots. We blew leaves and raked leaves.  And, when we were done, I mulched leaves!  The pile shown was taken from the bedroom window.  What you cannot know, unless I tell you,  is that the pile was about four feet high!  That was a lot of leaves on the west side of the house.

I am so tired just thinking about all those leaves!

Michelle and I came into the house and did some little tasks….Michelle was supposed to receive all her grades from college today.  She finally got them late this afternoon and she is over the moon!  Looks like our girl got a 4.0 average this quarter. Yippeee!  Cannot do any better than that!  And, she took a course called Corporate Finance which one of her advisors told her is the hardest course in Business Management.  We are so very happy for her!

Today was kind of hard….our little Angus died one month ago and I miss him so terribly. It seems like everywhere we look, there is some reminder of our handsome little fellow.

Tonight  I am so thankful for Michelle’s great grades. Michelle was told it was easy to get good grades at Finger lakes Community College, but when she entered a four year school, she would see how much harder it is.  Well, RIT is definitely harder, but she treats her education just like a job….working at it each and every day and working hard.   I am so thankful Michelle is able to look ahead to her future goals and work toward them…with great diligence!

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  1. I’m so sorry about Angus…I know how much you loved him and miss him.

    Good for Michelle…so glad that her hard work is paying off! She should be extremely proud of a 4.0 average at RIT!! Congratulations to Mom too!!!

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