Look what I saw at Lowe’s!

We spent a few hours out running around today.  One of the stops we made was at Lowe’s.  I went into the store to recycle some old batteries and heard birds off chirping inside the store.  Well, of course, I had to follow the noise!

I wandered past the Christmas displays….wow!  There sure is a lot to see there!  Even though I don’t care much for all the commercialism at Christmas,  I really do like looking at all the baubles and whatnots!  I love all the bright and cheerful colors. Between the warm and comforting autumn colors at Thanksgiving and the bright, splashy colors of Christmas, this time of the year has it all.  I bumped into a young teenage girl along the way, looking rather spellbound in the aisle. She confided this is her favorite time of the year and I agreed with her.

Off I trotted to the garden center, where all the bird activity was happening.  My, oh my…..those birds are certainly chatty!  If one happened to have a headache, their noise level would be enough to throw one over the edge. I watched as what seemed like tens and tens of Sparrows zipped down from the top rafters of the building, diving into the Christmas displays and garden supplies.  It was incredible!

Then, “it” caught my eye…..

I have never been attracted to Orchids, really.  But these beauties, called Blue Mystique nearly took my breath away!  I just stood there, staring, for a very long time.  At forty dollars a piece, there is no way one of these would come home to live with me, but they are the most beautiful plant I have ever seen! 

Did you know that BLUE is my very most favorite color? I am so thankful for eyes that are able to see all the beautiful elements in this world!

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