The “missing Murphy” Files!

I had mentioned a few days ago that Ben, Murphy, and I hiked off into the woods that day.  It was a really beautiful day, painted in all the colors of Autumn and feeling warm and cozy in the woods!

Murphy has always been a bit on the “camera-shy” side….leaving all the glory and glamour of photography to his older “brother”.  Well, since Angus has been gone, things seem to be subtly.  Murphy now takes his place in a more prominent area most of the time, rather than hiding in some silly submissive mode!  And, on the day these photos were taken,  I think he was actually enjoying having the attention.

Here are my most favorite photos of my little Murphy.

And so, on this November Autumn day when the temperature has been warm enough to be unusual,  and the sunshine was poured out so wonderfully,  I am so thankful we have our Murphy.  It is so tough saying good-bye to Angus, but having Murphy does take a bit of the sting away….