Tomorrow is Michelle’s Birthday!!!!

I am so much more excited about tomorrow than about today!  Today was a rather humdrum day with little going on.

I did wander down to the Dollar General Store in Naples this afternoon.  I was feeling a bit on the restless side because the sun was shining, although it was quite chilly! 

This is just a quick post because I am tired and I am anxious to take a look at the Victoria Classic Holiday Bliss magazine I picked up today.  My oh my….this magazine is full of the prettiest holiday photos I have ever seen! I love Victoria Magazine, but this issue is so beautiful…..with photos ranging from simple little touches to luxuriously elegant ideas!  Eye candy, indeed!

Today, I am thankful for the birds that sing so happily outside our house.  I know that is a little unusual, but they are so chipper!  Just hearing their songs and little chirps can make a less than stellar day so much better! I really am thankful for the birds and that I can feed them.  God gave us those little birds to remind us of His great love! The Bible says that not even a little sparrow falls from a tree but that God is aware….How much greater His love for us?

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Michelle!!! Have a great day!! I have never looked at the Victoria magazine…will have to check it out! I sure do miss having Border’s to go to. Now we have to go all the way to Barnes and Noble in Pittsford!!

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