Today, Michelle got up earlier than I  and fed Murphy AND took him outside!  Wow…that was such a treat.  All this to say, Michelle is feeling much better!  She has a little bit of a cough, but she is okay. She spent most of yesterday sleeping and taking it easy, hoping to feel better today. She had classes today, but stayed home until her last two classes of the day.  We were so happy she was able to make it to at least some of her classes.  Last night, she was feeling pretty poorly!

Mark and I both went to Rochester with Michelle and we did a few errands.  Michelle’s bithday is Saturday, so we went looking to see if we could find her something she would like.  She is so easy to please, but I don’t like getting her something she might not really, really like.  We talked to her on the way home and decided we would just take her on a “shopping spree” so she can pick out what she truly wants. 

While Mark and I sat outside the McDonald’s in Henrietta, we noticed a seagull watching *us* from atop a camera on the store!

That silly bird kept watch over all that was happening at Micky D’s!

Still don’t have my camera back with the Murphy photos from yesterday. Harrumph!

Today,  I am so thankful for a place to call home.  God didn’t need to give us a house.  He didn’t need to surround our house with some pretty awesome scenery!  He didn’t need to do all this for us.  But, He did.  And for all this, I am so very grateful. And thankful!