So, how about a little more of Autumn?

Today was a busy day, but in every spare second I had, all I wanted was to be outside!  I love the outsdoors anyway, but with the beautiful blue sky and sunshine and trees and, and, and…..well….I just could not be content being indoors any longer!

I hope you don’t mind some more photos…I tell you the truth…there are some trees with s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g colors that were calling my name!  I cannot get enough of this.  The temperature today was quite chilly, but the sun made it feel plenty comfortable.

Oh, I forgot to mention….it was pretty cold last night and this morning, so we needed a fire in the garage so Mark could spend some time tinkering there!

So, about those trees?

These trees above are all red oaks.  Some with red-orange leaves, orange leaves, and the tiny oak tree with BIG red leaves! And, there are even red oaks that still have green leaves!

In looking up the driveway toward the house, one can see there are trees with many leaves and trees with no leaves.  The Shagbark Hickories have lost their leaves. The Hickory below has not lost most of its leaves!

Even though we have had some Autumn winds pass through here in the Bristolwood,  many trees are clinging to their leaves! But all in all, they are all breathtaking , particularly against a sky of blue. 

While I was out taking these photos,  I did need to walk along a pathway in the woods.  It was then that I also found some really cool weeds and spent flowers.  I even found some NOT spent flowers!

As I was walking about, I spied a couple of little birds that there palying peekaboo with me and the camera!

I guess the sunshine, fresh air, and blue skies inspired me!  Michelle and I put out our fall decorations today.

The weatherman is calling for some milder temperatures this coming week.  That is good, as Ben and Mark have some plans for outside work!  Oh, and by the way, the mums in the above photo were cut and placed in water about two weeks ago!  The vase has been sitting on the table on the front porch all that time and the flowers still are looking good!  Shortly after this photo was taken, the flowers went back out on the porch!

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  1. Oh PLEASE let us hope that Autumn will last a bit longer!!! We need some warmer temps!! It seems much too early to have temperatures so cold. We have more winterizing around here to do…namely…dressing the RV in her winter coat and getting her all wrapped up and stored away. It’s so depressing …. I hate the thought of it. But, I’d rather do it when the temps are at least in the 50’s!! 60’s would be even better!! Pick up the new car tomorrow!!! I am beyond excited!!! Haven’t had a new car since I was in my late 30’s! So glad we didn’t get the snow my brother’s place got. They will be without power at least a week…perhaps more!! Your flowers and fall decorations are lovely! I haven’t put any of my fall stuff out yet. By now, I am thinking I may as well just wait and decorate for Christmas!! 🙂

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