Some have asked about how Murphy is doing now that Angus is no longer around. Well, if the truth be told, Murphy seems to be doing just fine.

Angus always wanted to be the “top dog” and he ruled with an iron paw. If Angus was sitting on a chair or the couch, you had better believe Murphy would be on the floor.  Even in the truck,  Angus would suspend himself on the back of the front seats….his left front and rear paws hanging on the back side, right paws over the front side!  Murphy was either on the seat or the floor!  When I used to say that Angus was the King, I meant it!

So, back to Murphy.  On the day that Angus passed away,  we had gone to Country Max in Henrietta.  As we walked around the store,  we spotted a “gutted toy” (one that had no stuffing) that had a velcro tab in which a plastic water bottle could be inserted.  Murphy loves the crunching sound these bottles make when he chews on them, so this was the toy for him!

A few days ago, I was washing dishes in the kitchen early in the morning. (about 6 am)  I was working away when I nearly jumped out of my skin!  WHAT was that noise?  I hurried to the living room to see little Murphy scooting about, dropping the fox on the ground, then nearly throwing the toy into the air as he picked it back up!  Crunch!  Hearing a plastic water bottle make that sound when the house is entirely quiet is somewhat alarming!

Yesterday morning,  I watched as Murphy hopped onto the recliner in the living room and “buried” his fox under a blanket that was sitting on the chair.  I love watching him do this as every time he pushes his nose across the blanket, he makes a squeaky noise!

This evening, Murphy went a bit crackers,  racing all over the living room, fox dangling from his mouth.  The little fellow played and played,  then sprung (much like Tigger with springs!) up onto the couch where he placed Mr. Fox on top of my coat.  After Mr. Fox was placed “just so”,  Murphy rested his head on his little treasure!

Murphy will never replace Angus….each pup comes with an individual and distinct personality….but having him sure takes some of the bite away from losing Angus!

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  1. Oh My! Murphy seems to be enjoying his little Fox toy!!! Chloe loves her toys as well…she could play with them for hours. Whereas…LadyBug could care less about toys. Each one a different personality….as you say!

    So glad that you have Murphy!! Will you be getting a little friend for him? I have been meaning to ask you how old both Murphy is??

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