Posting a very quick entry…

Yesterday, we went to visit my parents and brother, Randy.  We had planned to go for this visit on Friday, never anticipating that our little Angus was going to leave us on Thursday night!

We had such a great visit.  Mom, Dad, and Randy all shared little things they remembered about Angus and were encouraging and upbeat.  It really was good to get away from home, too.  We got to drive our new Subaru Outback for its maiden voyage, other than the trip home from the Subaru dealer a week ago last Wednesday.  Yes, we waited to drive it for a long time!

When we got to the home of my parents, Randy was anxious to show me a most amazing gift my Aunt Barbara had left for me!

This is one of two Scotties.  They are made of a heavy glass and although it looks yellow/green, they are actually clear glass. They are so pretty in their detail and I cannot think of a more awesome gift!  I’m not sure if Aunt Barbara is reading, but if you are, a million thank-you’s!!!!  A more wonderful gift could not be given, especially since losing Angus.

Ben and Mark and I worked on splitting and stacking firewood into the woodshed today.  We figure there must be close to eight cords of wood loaded in there already.  Ben has been working so hard on the firewood supply and I appreciate that!  I was having problems cutting with the chainsaw…I kept getting back pain.  The stacking  doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

Here is one more photo taken from the front porch late this afternoon…

Many of our leaves have fallen, but there is still a vibrant yellow/gold in our front yard!

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  1. The colors are awesome in that last pic!! I was wondering if you had gotten your new car!! I am so very sorry about Angus….it is just so sad…that the little guy had to go at such a young age. How is Murphy taking it?

    Glad you had a nice voyage in your new car and a pleasant visit with your family!

    This week is a bit on the crazy side…and I still don’t know what I’m doing in terms of a vehicle…UGH.

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