Lessons from a wee Scot

It is just a little more than 24 hours since our little Angus passed away.  Today was a sullen and somber day at our house.  Each of us teared up at some point, remembering our sweet little boy.

One of the first orders if the day was digging a grave for our little lad.  The kids were out by about 9:30, digging in the nearly impossible to dig soil on the back hill behind the house.  Michelle had said she wanted to bury Angus in a place near where he used to keep watch over the squirrels.  When I told Mark, he said he had the same thought, verbatim.  So, a resting spot was chosen and the enormous final act of love for Angus was begun.

Ben worked through huge tree roots that looked more like firewood than roots.  Then came a layer of wet, heavy topsoil.  Finally, the clay layer, then loose, dry soil that was filled with tons of small rocks.  It took both kids working together about two and a half hours to finally get down below three feet.  The kids measured and remeasured.  Finally, Angus was placed in the grave and it was covered.  Closure.  Now, if only the piercing pain of memories would stop.

As soon as Angus was buried,  I wanted to just leave the house for a bit.  Ben, Mark, Murphy, and I went out in the truck for a ride to Canandaigua.  Michelle wanted to stay home so we thought she might as well.  We went to the bank,  I looked a little in Big Lots, then we picked up some hamburgers at Tom Wahl’s.

We came back home and the kids and Mark watched a couple of movies.  Shortly after we had left home, the rain began to fall and we were thankful that it held off until the awful task of burying our Angus was complete. 

Michelle and I have been looking through the many, many photos of Angus.  There are so very many memories of the sweet little lad and although I know they will later make us smile, for now, our hearts are breaking.

We talked about the wonderful attributes Angus possessed and the lessons we learned from our boy.  The greatest of these was his unwavering love.  Even when we scolded Angus (although there weren’t too many times this was necessary) he always forgave us immediately and wagged his tail as though telling us everything was okay. We agreed this kind of unconditional love is amazing and something the world needs more of. 

Angus was such an intelligent little fellow and we always laughed at how understanding he was.  Even when he didn’t understand, he responded in great love. 

I thank God for giving us this little Scottie for a season.  Why he had to leave so soon and so abruptly is beyond comprehension.  I thank God we loved our little Angus as best we could and that he knew he was loved.  Mark commented that although the pain was great, he would have endured it a million times just to have had such a great little companion.

We will surely miss Angus….

WEE ANGUS OF BRISTOLWOOD   12/11/02 – 10/20/11

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  1. Yes, I teared up reading this too. May you be comforted and blessed this week. And a big hug to Murphy who must be missing his buddy so much.

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