Good bye, Dear Wee Angus of Bristolwood

Tonight was dreadful.  Our little Angus began showing signs of declining health very suddenly this evening.  We rushed him to an emergency veterinary hospital up in Henrietta and by the time we arrived there, he was already gone. 

The vet who consulted with us said they did a sonogram on him and discovered he had an undetected tumor on his spleen.  It apparently began bleeding and unfortunately, this is when these tumors are normally detected and it is too late.

We feel as though we have Scottie-shaped holes in our hearts and the sadness is so deep.  But even in the midst of this, I am so grateful our boy didn’t have to suffer.  He and Murphy were even playing together this morning.  It is so hard to believe he is gone.  I will try to put together some photos of our boy sometime this week as a tribute.

Good bye our Wee Angus of Bristolwood.  We have loved you so…..