And, life goes on…

Poor blog….it has been neglected once again!

There are several reasons.  Things like winterization.  Yes, campers and pools must be tucked in for the winter, like it or not!  (yeah, I NO like!!)  Ah well.  We also had a little problem called procrastination when it came to getting our firewood.  Oh, the firewood was cut lonnnnnggggg ago.  The problem is, it was stacked up and left sitting in the woods!  With the “autumnal monsoons”  season, we had to move a little more swiftly to get said firewood!

Thus, Mark drove the ATV with attached wagon in tow. He worked with the kids and they brought twenty wagonloads of wood down from the numerous piles.  It ended up looking like this….

That is about seven face cords of wood. We generally use about ten face cords, so we don’t need too much more, although we will end up filling the woodshed.  Mark thinks about twelve more loads will fill it up.  Since this photo was taken, two of the three rows of wood have been split and stacked in the woodshed.  We plan to try finishing this task this weekend.  The kids had the original twenty wagonloads down here and piled neatly in four hours so it shouldn’t take too long to fetch the wood. Splitting is the more time consuming task.  Mark is able to do it from the wheelchair and then we stack it.

Yesterday, I had so much energy after feeling off with some kind of “bug”.  I had suffered aches and a terrible headache, along with coughing.  Yesterday,  I accomplished all sorts of fun stuff.

Today, Ben and I worked on closing the pool. Finally!  I am so glad that task is done….I dislike closing the pool!

The weather was pretty ugly all day with dark skies and the threat of rain.  i spent hours and hours going over receipts and checking them off on credit card and bank statements.  This is one of those jobs that really makes me nuts.  I don’t like doing paperwork, but I do this so Mark doesn’t have to. The biggest problem is finding all the supporting paperwork. I get so frustrated when things aren’t where they are supposed to be.   Ah well.   I wound up filling a WalMart shopping bag full of discarded receipts.  By the time I got done, my eyes felt crossed and I was tired of looking at numbers!

As I am writing this tonight, the rain is absolutely pounding against the roof!  I am so glad we got that cover on the pool….with rain this heavy, I am sure many of our pretty leaves will be littering the ground…and pool cover!

And speaking of leaves….our Hickory tree in the back of the house is providing a gorgeous display of gold!  We had a tiny break early this afternoon and I was able to catch the leaves against a wonderful sky of blue!