So much to do….

My blog has been suffering from neglect, but it is a busy time of the year once again.

We have winterized the camper and it is tucked away for another winter, but the pool is still waiting and (believe it or not) the firewood is still waiting to come inside the garage. Yes, we are behind!  It seems like the Fall just kind of creeps up every year while we aren’t paying attention.  With the kids’ activities and all the running about for groceries and everything else, time seems to grow shorter and shorter!

Here is a photo of the view from the end of our driveway, looking down the hill.  As you can see, the trees have pretty much peaked.  I can’t believe the pile of leaves all over the driveway!  Oh, if only Autumn would last longer.  It arrives so covertly, then makes such a quick exit!  Just when the trees look their grandest, the rain and wind comes, blowing them all down to the ground.  Somehow, it just doesn’t seem fair at all!

I will have to try to do better with blogging, although I am not too sure how exciting life is right now!