Busy Just Running in Circles!

Well, perhaps not real circles, but it does feel that way!

We finished winterizing the camper and it is now sitting on its pad for the winter. We plan to close the pool up soon, too.  I like to have it done *before* the leaves begin falling, but….uhoh!  Too late!

If you aren’t following me on Facebook, you cannot see my photo entries for my daily photo journal. (Blipfoto) I really like the last two entries.  Yesterday’s entry was a Canada Goose,  taken at a small pond near the Marketplace Mall in Henrietta.

Yeah, I have been reduced to snapping quickie photos as I pass through the mall parking lot! (gasp!)  The photo for today was taken at the same small pond, but this time,  it was a Great Blue Heron.  This bird was extremely shy and I had to use the telephoto lens.  I could tell by reading its body language, the bird was not going to allow me to get nearly as close as I had gotten to the geese.  But, alas,  I did get a fairly good photo….

I was in Rochester both Monday and Tuesday to take Michelle to school.  Tomorrow, she is home, so we get a day of rest!  (for which I am grateful)  It is tough trying to keep the house clean while running about, that’s for sure!