I hate being sick, I hate being sick, I hate being sick!

When Michelle had a “bug” a little over a week ago, I wasn’t worried.  I seem to not be catching colds and such like I used to.  I was the one who, if in a room where someone sneezed,  I would get a cold.  But, not so much anymore.  Until a couple of nights ago. 

This bug really isn’t *so* awfully bad…..I was able to get up (in my terribly infirmed state)  this morning and cook up a batch of Beef Burgandy for a late lunch.  It was yet another recipe from that great book,  Slow Cooker Revolution.  I am pretty sure that the price of $17.99 that I paid for that book,  has been greatly given the stamp of approval by my family.  The Beef Burgandy was delicious, according to all.   It took some preparation,  but once in the Crockpot,  it was all so easy!

Oh, about this “bug”?   It resembles a head cold and just a general feeling of being drained.  The saddest part is,  I was feeling so envigorated by the cooler weather we had been having just before the proverbial shoe dropped!  It really isn’t that bad..probably more of an inconvenience!  I did notice when we ate our late lunch outside, on the porch, (oh, c’mon!  It was 55 out and the sun was shining!!!)  I felt much better.  I love fresh air!  The sun helped, too!

I don’t have photos for today.  I have been very limited in the photography area.  We have been spending a great deal of time talking with car dealers and such….I do not have the stamina it would take to “wheel and deal”,  but Mark is so good at this kind of stuff.  I keep telling him he should be an “advocate” for those needing one,  such as the elderly and disabled.  He would also make a great attorney as logic seems like a strong point with him.

If you are in the market for car-buying,  it would be to your great benefit to learn of a couple of amazing online tools:

1.) Truecar :   http://www.truecar.com/      This site is INVALUABLE!!!  It gives you the information you only WISH you could find.  Although it will give you the name of dealerships that work with this program,  Mark used the pricing for leverage with a dealership that is not associated with Truecar.  If you have any questions,  please let me know and I will pass them along to Mark.  He LOVES this…having previously worked with Kelly Blue Book,  Edmunds, and NADA…all online.

2.)  IF you have  a great credit rating, check out PenFed Credit Union.  Oh my! That stands for Pentagon Federal Credit Union.  Although neither of us have served with the armed forces, we were able to join this credit union by simply making a contribution of $20 or $15 to one of the two options listed at their site.  Their rate for purchasing a new car, for up to 48 months, was 1.99%.  That is better than anything we had found.  Mark called and spoke with a fellow and got approved immediately.  Oh…did I mention their credit card?  If you use it for gasoline,  you save 5% at the pump!  That means for each dollar spent, your actual cost is 95 cents.   (BTW, Mark found this little gem by searching at banks.com for a competitive rate on auto loans)

Okay, so those are my two “hot tips” for tonight. 

Hopefully, I will be feeling MUCH better tomorrow and things will get back to normal.  Or, at least “more” normal!