So, how about a little more of Autumn?

Today was a busy day, but in every spare second I had, all I wanted was to be outside!  I love the outsdoors anyway, but with the beautiful blue sky and sunshine and trees and, and, and…..well….I just could not be content being indoors any longer!

I hope you don’t mind some more photos…I tell you the truth…there are some trees with s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g colors that were calling my name!  I cannot get enough of this.  The temperature today was quite chilly, but the sun made it feel plenty comfortable.

Oh, I forgot to mention….it was pretty cold last night and this morning, so we needed a fire in the garage so Mark could spend some time tinkering there!

So, about those trees?

These trees above are all red oaks.  Some with red-orange leaves, orange leaves, and the tiny oak tree with BIG red leaves! And, there are even red oaks that still have green leaves!

In looking up the driveway toward the house, one can see there are trees with many leaves and trees with no leaves.  The Shagbark Hickories have lost their leaves. The Hickory below has not lost most of its leaves!

Even though we have had some Autumn winds pass through here in the Bristolwood,  many trees are clinging to their leaves! But all in all, they are all breathtaking , particularly against a sky of blue. 

While I was out taking these photos,  I did need to walk along a pathway in the woods.  It was then that I also found some really cool weeds and spent flowers.  I even found some NOT spent flowers!

As I was walking about, I spied a couple of little birds that there palying peekaboo with me and the camera!

I guess the sunshine, fresh air, and blue skies inspired me!  Michelle and I put out our fall decorations today.

The weatherman is calling for some milder temperatures this coming week.  That is good, as Ben and Mark have some plans for outside work!  Oh, and by the way, the mums in the above photo were cut and placed in water about two weeks ago!  The vase has been sitting on the table on the front porch all that time and the flowers still are looking good!  Shortly after this photo was taken, the flowers went back out on the porch!


Some have asked about how Murphy is doing now that Angus is no longer around. Well, if the truth be told, Murphy seems to be doing just fine.

Angus always wanted to be the “top dog” and he ruled with an iron paw. If Angus was sitting on a chair or the couch, you had better believe Murphy would be on the floor.  Even in the truck,  Angus would suspend himself on the back of the front seats….his left front and rear paws hanging on the back side, right paws over the front side!  Murphy was either on the seat or the floor!  When I used to say that Angus was the King, I meant it!

So, back to Murphy.  On the day that Angus passed away,  we had gone to Country Max in Henrietta.  As we walked around the store,  we spotted a “gutted toy” (one that had no stuffing) that had a velcro tab in which a plastic water bottle could be inserted.  Murphy loves the crunching sound these bottles make when he chews on them, so this was the toy for him!

A few days ago, I was washing dishes in the kitchen early in the morning. (about 6 am)  I was working away when I nearly jumped out of my skin!  WHAT was that noise?  I hurried to the living room to see little Murphy scooting about, dropping the fox on the ground, then nearly throwing the toy into the air as he picked it back up!  Crunch!  Hearing a plastic water bottle make that sound when the house is entirely quiet is somewhat alarming!

Yesterday morning,  I watched as Murphy hopped onto the recliner in the living room and “buried” his fox under a blanket that was sitting on the chair.  I love watching him do this as every time he pushes his nose across the blanket, he makes a squeaky noise!

This evening, Murphy went a bit crackers,  racing all over the living room, fox dangling from his mouth.  The little fellow played and played,  then sprung (much like Tigger with springs!) up onto the couch where he placed Mr. Fox on top of my coat.  After Mr. Fox was placed “just so”,  Murphy rested his head on his little treasure!

Murphy will never replace Angus….each pup comes with an individual and distinct personality….but having him sure takes some of the bite away from losing Angus!

An Almost Magical Beginning!

That is how it looked outside this morning! The dark and cloudy skies of yesterday gave way to delightfully sunshiney and intensely blue skies today.  It was so awesome, watching as the sun made its way up into the sky.  As I saw how things were changing  rapidly, I got the camera and began taking photos….how could I miss such an opportunity?

We were very fortunate that we only got enough snow to make everything sparkle and glisten.  Tonight, a storm is marching up the east coast, and it is supposed to put down some goodly amounts of snow along its path.  The snow that falls will be very wet and heavy….this is a “juicy” storm.  Power outages are expected, so I pray for safety for those caught in the wake of this storm.  We are being told this is an unusual-for-October storm.

Yesterday’s Leaves….

will probably be tomorrow’s leaf litter if we get any snow like the forecast is calling for.

So, without further ado, here are some leaf photos from my little adventure out yesterday, while the sun was with us!

If you were astute, you would have noticed all of the oak leaves above were aiming the same direction!  This is because there was a fairly stiff breeze….

Although the trees are getting pretty sparse, leafwise, the color with the sunlight was amazing. 

We will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings…..

Posting a very quick entry…

Yesterday, we went to visit my parents and brother, Randy.  We had planned to go for this visit on Friday, never anticipating that our little Angus was going to leave us on Thursday night!

We had such a great visit.  Mom, Dad, and Randy all shared little things they remembered about Angus and were encouraging and upbeat.  It really was good to get away from home, too.  We got to drive our new Subaru Outback for its maiden voyage, other than the trip home from the Subaru dealer a week ago last Wednesday.  Yes, we waited to drive it for a long time!

When we got to the home of my parents, Randy was anxious to show me a most amazing gift my Aunt Barbara had left for me!

This is one of two Scotties.  They are made of a heavy glass and although it looks yellow/green, they are actually clear glass. They are so pretty in their detail and I cannot think of a more awesome gift!  I’m not sure if Aunt Barbara is reading, but if you are, a million thank-you’s!!!!  A more wonderful gift could not be given, especially since losing Angus.

Ben and Mark and I worked on splitting and stacking firewood into the woodshed today.  We figure there must be close to eight cords of wood loaded in there already.  Ben has been working so hard on the firewood supply and I appreciate that!  I was having problems cutting with the chainsaw…I kept getting back pain.  The stacking  doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

Here is one more photo taken from the front porch late this afternoon…

Many of our leaves have fallen, but there is still a vibrant yellow/gold in our front yard!

Lessons from a wee Scot

It is just a little more than 24 hours since our little Angus passed away.  Today was a sullen and somber day at our house.  Each of us teared up at some point, remembering our sweet little boy.

One of the first orders if the day was digging a grave for our little lad.  The kids were out by about 9:30, digging in the nearly impossible to dig soil on the back hill behind the house.  Michelle had said she wanted to bury Angus in a place near where he used to keep watch over the squirrels.  When I told Mark, he said he had the same thought, verbatim.  So, a resting spot was chosen and the enormous final act of love for Angus was begun.

Ben worked through huge tree roots that looked more like firewood than roots.  Then came a layer of wet, heavy topsoil.  Finally, the clay layer, then loose, dry soil that was filled with tons of small rocks.  It took both kids working together about two and a half hours to finally get down below three feet.  The kids measured and remeasured.  Finally, Angus was placed in the grave and it was covered.  Closure.  Now, if only the piercing pain of memories would stop.

As soon as Angus was buried,  I wanted to just leave the house for a bit.  Ben, Mark, Murphy, and I went out in the truck for a ride to Canandaigua.  Michelle wanted to stay home so we thought she might as well.  We went to the bank,  I looked a little in Big Lots, then we picked up some hamburgers at Tom Wahl’s.

We came back home and the kids and Mark watched a couple of movies.  Shortly after we had left home, the rain began to fall and we were thankful that it held off until the awful task of burying our Angus was complete. 

Michelle and I have been looking through the many, many photos of Angus.  There are so very many memories of the sweet little lad and although I know they will later make us smile, for now, our hearts are breaking.

We talked about the wonderful attributes Angus possessed and the lessons we learned from our boy.  The greatest of these was his unwavering love.  Even when we scolded Angus (although there weren’t too many times this was necessary) he always forgave us immediately and wagged his tail as though telling us everything was okay. We agreed this kind of unconditional love is amazing and something the world needs more of. 

Angus was such an intelligent little fellow and we always laughed at how understanding he was.  Even when he didn’t understand, he responded in great love. 

I thank God for giving us this little Scottie for a season.  Why he had to leave so soon and so abruptly is beyond comprehension.  I thank God we loved our little Angus as best we could and that he knew he was loved.  Mark commented that although the pain was great, he would have endured it a million times just to have had such a great little companion.

We will surely miss Angus….

WEE ANGUS OF BRISTOLWOOD   12/11/02 – 10/20/11

Good bye, Dear Wee Angus of Bristolwood

Tonight was dreadful.  Our little Angus began showing signs of declining health very suddenly this evening.  We rushed him to an emergency veterinary hospital up in Henrietta and by the time we arrived there, he was already gone. 

The vet who consulted with us said they did a sonogram on him and discovered he had an undetected tumor on his spleen.  It apparently began bleeding and unfortunately, this is when these tumors are normally detected and it is too late.

We feel as though we have Scottie-shaped holes in our hearts and the sadness is so deep.  But even in the midst of this, I am so grateful our boy didn’t have to suffer.  He and Murphy were even playing together this morning.  It is so hard to believe he is gone.  I will try to put together some photos of our boy sometime this week as a tribute.

Good bye our Wee Angus of Bristolwood.  We have loved you so…..