And thus begins Autumn in the Bristolwood

Oh my….last night, we had some showers.  This morning, we had some clearing going on and the sky was blue for awhile.  The sun came shining through on the leaves, lighting them up like sparkling gems on a Christmas tree!  How could I not photograph them?

Isn’t it amazing that as leaves are dying, they put on a magnificent show of color?  They sparkle….they dazzle…they are just so incredibly breathtaking!

Even though there is a bit of a haze, you can see well across the valley below to the hill to our west, and how its colors are showing.

As I was walking back from getting the mail this morning,  I looked up on the majestic White Oak tree that sits near the end of the driveway.  The oaks are funny…they don’t care to change color as quickly as the other trees, nor do they like to shed their leaves!  Often, oak trees will keep many of their rust-colored leaves well into the winter months!

The colors of Autumn…serene, peaceful, and warm.

These are the leaves from ash trees. As I scurried about in Rochester while Michelle was at school on Tuesday, I saw these piled up along a curb at the plaza. 

And finally, the Mums in front of the house.  I bought these at Home Depot a couple of years ago and set them next to the hot tub.  I planted them just before winter and they have grown to a huge bush,  filled with thousands of blossoms! 

Little by little, the change in the seasons is taking place and I am soooo loving it!

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  1. GLORIOUS flowers!!! Beautiful captures!!! One of the reasons I just love living in the Finger Lakes Region!!! Upstate NY is normally quite beautiful in the fall. Up North…not much is changing yet…it has been so WARM! It has hit 80 the past two days! Very strange!!

    I am loving your Fall / Autumn Pics!! My favorite Season!!

  2. How I miss those colors! Most trees up here near the lake are still green. Don’t know if we’ll get down the the Bristol Hills this fall — not looking good.

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