And they called it Puppy Love!

As I was about to upload yesterday’s photos to archive them,  I looked at them closely. 

Yesterday, as I visited with the young man at the farm,  as he told me about the puppies, he lifted some of them out to show me their personalities and tell me about them.  As he lifted the pup he called “comical” out, I captured this photo….

Just look how she is snuggling up next to him and looking oh, so content!!

When I got home yesterday, what a wild time I had!  Since it was eleven o’clock,  I had to quickly think about lunch.  I grabbed a package of frozen chicken thighs and placed them in cool water in the sink.  I had made some delicious Butternut Squash a few days ago….I cooked it in its shell with some 7up in the crockpot.  When it was done,  I scooped it out, adding two tablespoons of brown sugar,  1 tablespoon of butter and then plopping in about 2 tablespoons of whipped cream. I meant to add whipping cream, but I had used it all up for topping pumpkin pie.  So, I just added the whipped cream instead!  I made a quick Greek style salad and then grilled the chicken thighs.

As I placed the chicken on the grill, I thought it seemed a little “funny” acting, but Ben reassured me everything was fine.  About halfway through cooking the chicken, the tank just gave up the ghost!  Argh!  Ben quickly brought a new cylinder and hooked it up.  Phew…so much cooking drama!

As we sat on the back deck, eating lunch,  I nearly lunged off the deck when I saw a black butterfly in the weeds.  Quickly grabbing my camera,  I raced to the flowers….(why does my family react with such surprise when they see me in this mode of operation, anyway?)

Can you see this?  This little wounded warrior is actually missing a HUGE section of its left wing!  How it manages to even fly is beyond me!  So,  the next time you are feeling down….defeated and unappreciated,  just remember this little butterfly who passed through the Bristolwood!  Damaged,  misshapen, and deformed,  this little butterfly still rises up….and flies!

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  1. What an adorable puppy pic! When I saw the title, I was wondering if you were going to tell me that you brought one of them home! The black butterfly is beautiful! I wonder if his wing will grow back?

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