A very interesting chance meeting…

I forewarned the family I was going off for a little photo shoot this morning, I was excited!

I got a later than planned start, but it was “that kind of day!”.  The skies were bright blue, the temperature, mellow, and the sunshine was generous! I don’t know if everyone feels like I do, but when I get a block of time to take pictures, I am so happy!

I stopped at a graveyard not too far from home to see the marker for one of our neighbors.  Barbara was such an amazing woman!  She seemed like nothing could get her down.  They had built a cute log house across the street from our house a few years before we moved here.  Barbara was always knitting something and she encouraged me to take up the needles!  She got sick a few years after we moved in and they moved to Henrietta.  Barbara began to suffer memory loss and slowly, she became totally at a loss….I cannot imagine her husband without her…..he loved her so dearly.

I didn’t have a huge amount of time, so I was off once again.  I did have to stop at a vineyard to take a photo of the remarkable grapes dangling in bunches like prize jewels!  Oh, how I love grapes!

Once again, I dared not linger, so off I went!  It is a shame not to have an entire day when everything was as beautiful as today!

I knew where my destination was, but wasn’t exactly sure how to get there!  As I drove down the country road, it soon became obvious that all I needed to do was follow “the trail”.  The area I refer to is Mennonite and Amish country.  Many Mennonite families have moved to this area and the houses, farms, and scenery are vastly improving! 

Soooo, you might be wondering,  What is she talking about?

I wanted to photograph this….

and this….

I didn’t photograph the church, but it is a large, plain white building.  It is surrounded on three sides by stalls where families “park” their horses and buggies.  It is so beautiful to see.  As I drove past the building this morning,  the doors were open to let the fresh air inside.  I could see a small room separating the sanctuary from the road outside.  On the dividing wall were pegs and the ladies hung their black bonnets there.

I believe this is a Mennonite church.  I am unsure how the Mennonites are divided.  I know the Amish have many “flavors” as one of my Amish friends says,  but I do think the Mennonites have Old Order and more progressive orders as well. 

I began making my way back homeward, but had made a mental note of a particular farm where I saw some miniature horses in a field.  I love horses and these were so little…they caught my eye and I wanted to see if I could capture a few pictures of them.  The farm where I saw them was a Mennonite farm, so I figured I could snap away without any problems.

As I was taking photos, I saw a figure walking toward me.  I looked up and saw a young fellow coming my way.  I told him I wanted to take some photos and he was agreeable.  As I snapped away, he talked about his little horses and told me all about them.  They belong to him and he absolutely loves them! He even told me about how he used one of them to take his two younger sisters to the schoolhouse up the road.

5 month old Firefly and Chess the mare


These horses are quite tiny….Chess, the older mare, cannot stand more than three feet tall!

As we talked, I could see the young man’s shepherd in the distance.  He told me she had puppies and when I asked to see them, he took me to the pen where they were kept.  OH MY!!!!!

Yeah..CUTE!  There were seven of them, total, but it is impossible to capture all of them together!  They were so sweet!

See that little pup in the center?  She was described by the young man as “comical” with her half and half face!  She was also the first of the pups to be claimed!  They will be going to their new homes this week as they are eight weeks old tomorrow.

The pups were kept in a very nice area near the barn and as I looked around, I saw little calves in pens.  Someone once told me these calves are designated “veal calves”, but when I asked,  the fellow told me no, they are isolated so they will not pick up any sicknesses or diseases from their mothers or any other animals in the herd.  He said they will be turned out with the others in a few months when they are strong and healthy.

My, they were so cute, too!

Two days old!
Five days old.

I had promised to be back home again around ten-thirty. As it was, I didn’t arrive back until eleven.  What a wonder-filled visit….totally unexpected, but so much fun!

Oh, and as an aside….the young man told me the reason he was not in church was because he was minding a cow that was going to calf today!  Ah, life on the farm….

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  1. This post made me SMILE!!! How ADORABLE!!! All of it!! The little horses, the puppies…the calves! What a cool meeting!! Speaking of meeting….let’s get together when I return…in a couple of weeks…towards the end of October..ok??

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