A bit of disappointment….

Michelle has been planning to attend her friend, Erika’s eighteenth birthday party today for over a month.  The girls chattered on and on about it last month.  Unfortunately, Michelle came home on Friday evening and said she didn’t feel well.

Yesterday, Michelle spent the entire day in bed.  By evening, she declared she didn’t want to sleep anymore.  However, she did.  This morning, she arose and was kind of excited about the party.  She took a bath and got all dressed up, but as she sat down on the couch, she leaned over, saying she just didn’t think she could sit up.  As I looked at her, her eyes said it all….she really was in no condition to go to a party.

I talked to Michelle and told her she had better stay home.  She went outside for a little while, making a noble effort to wish herself well, but it just was not to be.  She came inside and eventually walked upstairs, looking quite forlorn.  I felt so bad for her,  but the weather was chilly and drizzly.  I really could not imagine a party being very much fun in those conditions, particularly when on isn’t feeling well.

Mark and Ben and I went on to Canandaigua, leaving Michelle home with Murphy.  I called to make sure she was okay.  She hasn’t had much of a fever, if any, but she is just feeling terribly run down.  When I called, she asked us to bring her home a meal from Arby’s.  They have a new (insanely!) hot chicken sandwich that Mark had coupons for. I asked Michelle if she really likes ultra-hot and she said it might chase away any of the bad germs!

While we were at Arby’s earlier, we had some fun with a flock of ducks that had waddled their way over to the truck to beg for goodies.  I don’t make it a habit of feeding them fries, but they were such beggars, I could not resist!

I suppose I could spend hours with ducks…they are so cute and these appeared to be tame.  They kept coming around and making their little duck noises, making it impossible to ignore them!

One of our stops was Wegman’s, and as we were pulling into the parking lot,  an ultralite passed by overhead!

When we left home, it was cool and drizzling rain on and off.  When we got to Canandaigua, it was beginning to clear and the sky would eventually end up rather blue, as you can see above.  I had also spotted a hot air balloon off in the distance, but it was so far away, the little Canon would never catch it.

As we were ready to go back home, the sky was clouding up all over again.  It was beautiful, while it lasted!