Not many opportunities today…

I went along with Mark today to take Michelle to school.  This was a very long day, leaving the house at about eight-thirty this morning and returning home at seven-thirty. 

Mark talked about going somewhere for a nice lunch, but with the temperature rising to the point that it felt hot in the sun, we couldn’t leave the Scotties in the truck.  So, we sat a lot in parking lots and ran quickly in and out of stores while one of us remained in the truck with the boys.

On the way home this evening, the sun was beginning to set pretty low in the sky when we spotted a roadside stand with fresh produce.  We stopped and I got some great looking pie pumpkins.  They are so good and when used in baking, the flavor far surpasses any canned pumpkin.

I placed my pumpkins in the back of the truck and when I was about to get in, I saw *her*!  What an aboslutely sweet and innocent face this cow had as she looked at me as though wanting to tell me something!

Of course, her beckoning look drew me nearer!

My, she was such a charmer!

As we were about to pull back onto the highway, I hollered for Mark to stop!  The sun was now shining bright streaks of light, illuminating pumpkins offered for sale on the most brilliantly green grass!

Yeah, the colors were enough to make my heart want to sing! 

I love visiting farms….I only wish I could spend a great deal of time at one, taking photos to my heart’s content! Michelle is going to attend a birthday party Saturday that is near farm country.  Who knows?  Maybe I will have some good conditions to get more “farmy fotos”!

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