Whoa, why does it feel like summer is back?

I must admit….I was feeling quite happy to think that the summer weather was behind us.  But, not so!  Well, I would be happy if the heat was behind us, I mean…..but today turned quite warm!   I wasn’t alone, as Mark mentioned it was “pretty hot” too.

I decided after my lovely outing yesterday, I would seek out some beauty in my own yard.  I really didn’t have to look too hard, as we have some nice autumn colors arriving in the front garden!

I bought a pathetic-looking little pot of daisies at Aldi in late May, I think.  The little pot contained a rather poor excuse for daisies, but at less than three dollars, I decided to test my own green thumb.  It was only after I got home I discovered the little tag saying that the plant was an annual.  Phooey….I love perennials…the less work digging and planting, the better! (my motto!)  Well, about three weeks ago, the pathetic plant turned into a sweet little bush with an abundance of bright, sunshiney yellow flowers!  Oh my, they are so attractive! And, I remember that the tag on the plant also declared the plant would attract butterflies.  Oops…kinda late for that, but it is enjoyable for anyone giving it a look!

Not a great shot, by any means, but I wanted to capture the bright yellow color of just a few flowers rather than showing the whole thing. Also gracing the front garden are some mums.  I have two colors….rust, and a deep red.

The mums are just flowering now, although there seem to be zillions more buds coming!  The rust mums are so pretty and I waited until a streak of sunlight highlighted them to shoot the photo above. The dark reds are also filled with buds, but they seem to be coming out a little more slowly…

The geranium I set on the stairs out in front of the house has been blooming like crazy! I moved the pot onto the stairs as I thought perhaps it wasn’t flowering on the porch for lack of sunlight. For once, I had the right idea!

This afternoon, I wanted something cool to post on my daily photo journal.  I was getting a little frustrated….since the sun is setting lower and lower in the southern sky,  our house is getting less and less sunlight through the trees. Because there is less sun shining on the flowers,  there are no butterflies or even bugs for that matter!  Seems everything packed their bags and left!

Soooooo…..I began a stroll down the driveway.  As I walked along, it struck me that I was being watched!  A quick glance around in front of me and to my sides revealed my little “spy”!

See?  Little bugger thought I would not notice him standing there in the shadows!

My walk proved to be a good move!  I got down by the road and there were several tiny yellow butterflies just flitting about from flower to flower. 

As you can see, I actually caught this little butterfly with its wings partially open. I never saw that until I put the card in the computer!  I have never seen one of these butterflies with its wings opened before!

In the above photo, you can see that this butterfly doesn’t have the black-tipped wings.  I am still at a loss to identify the first butterfly.

Yeah, be still my heart!  The little butterfly opened wings even further, revealing all its beauty!  Now, I didn’t fiddle around editing these photos. They are just as they came off the card. Never mind that these little critters were hanging out at my most favorite flower of the season!  I simply stood my ground, snapping as quickly as I could, hoping for at least one good shot!

We are supposed to be getting some rain and I hope, cooler temperatures again. So, as my UK friends would say, I am pretty “chuffed” at my butterfly shots today.  So, if you are reading this and happen to be from the UK, can you explain the word chuffed?

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  1. hahahah! Sorry Kae! Can’t help you with “chuffed”…I haven’t a clue! I DO love the photos of the butterfly…and the little chipmunk is so cute!!! I just love those little guys!! Your mums are beautiful as well. I simply cannot believe the temps we have been having! I had all the windows open today…and I even had my capris on today. Though I was done with those!! Perhaps we are going to have a mild winter??

  2. Kae,

    Chuffed, at least during our years in UK, meant Pleased. You should be chuffed at how well your butterfly photos turned out; they are great. What a beautiful part of the USA you live in. I love the floral photos and of course the Scotties pictures.

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