A long but fun day!

Today Mark asked if I would take Michelle up to college.  I love taking the trip, but I had to hurry! We got there and I dropped Michelle off….I was left with six hours to do whatever I wanted.  I pulled into a parking lot and sat looking at a Rochester area map.

After looking a little, I spotted Mendon Ponds Park.  That is a great place to visit in the winter, as the birds will light upon your open hands to take seeds.  Well, it isn’t winter, but I was hoping to see something!

I drove over to the park which really isn’t very far from the college. I took a few photos of flowers and there were some awesome Monarch Butterflies.  Unfortunately,  I only brought along the little Canon camera today and left the Nikon home. Every time I tried to capture a photo of the gorgeous butterflies, they would flutter off. 

I did see a doe and three fawns.  The fawns were fairly large and one of them bolted off.  Because they were so far off, it was impossible to get a good shot with the little camera. I was feeling rather forlorn when a young woman came up to me carrying a wee owl perched on a leather glove.

I found out the owl is a Saw Whet Owl and it had been injured when a car hit it.  The girl told me about a marvelous display of owls, kestrels, a golden eagle, a bald eagle, hawks, and even a bobcat in the park.  I followed her over to a little cottage where you gain entry to the “wild wings” area.  It was incredible seeing these beautiful creatures.  They had all been injured and the park took them in and offered them a life protected from the wild.  I was a bit dismayed to hear the bobcat’s tale, tho….a woman had gotten the cat as a kitten, and had it declawed.  Because the cat has no means of fending for itself in the wilds,  it also came to live at the park. 

Here are some photos from today.

I could have spent more time at the park, but a busload of rowdy teens from a local school arrived and things got a bit loud! Okay, so I did have other things to do, too!  Someday, I would love to visit the entire park….it is fairly large and I have seen only a tiny slice of it!

As I was getting ready to leave,  I noticed horses off in the distance.  I walked over to see and was able to observe several mounted police officers working with their horses.  It was so nice as the horses were varied in color and size.  One of the horses that was new to the team was a huge Belgian.  Such beauty watching horses move along so smoothly!

Oh my….this was so much fun.  I love seeing nature and this park offers a nice little selection. What a great way to bide time.  Now, I cannot wait for winter when the birds come out once again!