A Grand Day, Indeed!

I have been getting up every morning at about 6 am.  That seems to be around the time that Murphy’s “alarm” goes off, and he gently alerts me it is time to arise and shine.  I don’t mind at all, as I have always been a fairly early riser.

After getting up, I took the Scottie boys out,  fed them, then took them out once more. 

We have been having a little trouble with well water…namely, it runs out!  The past couple of weeks, we have been on conservation mode, and we have been doing okay.  We usually run out at about 5 pm, then by 8 pm, the water returns.  Since no one uses water overnight, we have a good supply once again in the morning.  This can be tricky, and even frustrating, but it is working out.  Hard to believe we have shortages when we have gotten quite a bit of rain, though.

Well, this morning, I went to the basement and washed several clothes.  We have a little hand washer similar to this that is incredible…You use the warmest/hottest water you can and just spin the little bugger a few minutes. It really does a terrific job and then I rinse  and throw the clothes into the washing machine to spin dry.  It sounds crazy, but clothes come out very clean.  When you release the pressure off the top, it is not unusual for it to *pop*!  This also uses little water and detergent.  I washed what would be a large load.  It took four of my little loads, but I don’t think I used ten gallons of water.

While the clothes were spinning in the washing machine, I went outside and checked the lawn.  It was dry, so I grabbed the lawnmower and began mowing.  I didn’t do the entire yard…..just where the grass had grown out of control in front of the house and the side yard.  I came inside and looked at the clock and laughed.  After all….it was 7:38 am!

Once I got the clothes from the washing machine into the dryer,  I went outside to the camper and unloaded several armloads of stuff we hadn’t brought in last time we camped.  I vacuumed the camper, then used a carpet cleaner my mom gave me to clean the carpet and a chair in the camper.  I have always cleaned the rug and chair every time we come home, but the machine took far less effort and time!  It also smells so nice!

Soon the clock said 11:30, and it was time to take Michelle to Rochester.  That was great, as by this time, I felt like I needed a nap!  While Michelle was at school (for only one hour!) we went over to Aldi so I could pick up a few things we needed.  There was a Sprint store right next door, so we hopped on over there to check out some new cell phones.  Wow!  Ours look so antiquated! While at the store, Michelle called, asking where we were.

After picking her up, we went to Bill Gray’s for hamburgers.  Oh my, they were so good! We shopped at a couple more stores, then were off to Home Depot in Victor.  Mark took the more scenic route along the Erie Canal and I was so thrilled he did!

As we were driving, we saw a huge older wooden boat just cruising down the canal.  I asked Mark to stop and he did.  As I was getting out of the truck,  Ben pointed to a Great Blue Heron not too far off. 

I got to the canal just in time to see the big boat passing by, creating really massive waves!  Well, okay, maybe not “massive”, but they were very large for the canal!

The fellow on the left waved!  Wow….just boogeyin’  down the canal with not a care. And….

as she passed, we saw she was called Whatever it takes II from Cleveland, Ohio.  Yikes! Cleveland isn’t exactly a stone’s throw!

So, back to the Great Blue Heron.

Would the bird simply stay put as the boat passed, or would it fly off before I could get a decent shot?  After all, this boat was pretty big and it sure was making itself known with those waves!

Hmmm….apparently, the bord has seen bigger vessels before!  Even the big yellow barking dog onboard didn’t bother this feathered observer.

The bugger seemed more annoyed by me than by the fast-moving boat.  The heron crouched down, looking as though it might consider “lift-off”,  so I kept my distance,  but moved closer to the water to get a better view.

I guess coming out into the open, this fellow considered I wasn’t so big a threat, after all. And so,

He just casually, leisurely, strutted off!

We got home and I quickly heated up some tomato soup and a vegetarian dish I made last week.  Everyone ate…I washed the dishes…and by about 7:45,  I headed on upstairs. 

I watched a Buffalo Sabres preseason game in which they played the Carolina Hurricane.  We won, 3:1.  I am so happy to see hockey again!  The fact that our team won, icing on the cake!

And so, a busy, but delightful day with a splendid ending!