It seems so quiet lately…

We haven’t been doing to many things lately. Now that Michelle has begun classes at RIT,  she is spending a good deal of time on her studies.  We purposely decided to take things slow for a bit, so she could  get an idea how her workload might pan out.  She is so organized, writing a schedule and sticking to it.  She really is a good and disciplined student.

Yesterday,  I spent some time outside, photographing bees.  It was such a warm and balmy day and the bees were putting in overtime!  They were working so very hard!

Those bees are pretty smart.  With the temperature so warm yesterday, it was hard to comprehend how the temperature would nosedive rather abruptly and plummet to the point that “light frost” is predicted in some areas tonight!  I don’t mind…I am so ready for cooler weather!

As I was snapping away, I realized my favorite fall flowers are out right now!  I love the purples and golds.  So regal and elegant!

Today, Mark took Michelle to school and Ben traveled along as well.  They had some errands to run today and I just wanted to stay home and chill.  I was so glad I did.  I ddin’t accomplish a great deal, but it was nice to hear the sounds of silence!

Looking at Murphy, I got inspired to give the laddie a grooming.  He was less than thrilled, but having a quiet house with no noise and no distractions really made the job go more smoothly and quickly.  Although he tried to run off once or twice, Murphy really did a great job sitting still for me.  I had groomed Angus yesterday and although it would probably be easier to clean up once from this job, I have a hard time doing both boys in one day!

Yes, poor little Murphy…lying there trying to avoid eye contact with me.

As hard as I tried to coax the little fellow to sit up proper for a photo, he just stewed and turned his cute little face away! Ah well.  As I said, he was so good about the clippers and all.  I had done his nails last night and he dislikes that more than a clipping!

I will leave you with another photo of my beautiful Begonias that my father gave me for my birthday.  I just cannot get enough of them!