Wow! Today, we saw sunshine!

Yes! After days of rainy and wet weather, we saw that bright yellow orb in the sky late this afternoon!  I heard on the radio things are going to dry out a bit for folks in flooded eastern New York.  My heart goes out to those who have lost so much.  I heard the weatherman say yesterday that the flooding was “historical”. 

Today, I went shopping for groceries.  I have not done that in ages.  It is so hard to find time to get to the store!  We are always rushing here or there, making it hard to shop.  I really need to concentrate when I shop and going in and out of stores in a hurry just makes it hard!

So, today, I took a little time.  And, afterward, I took just a few pictures by the lake…

Whether the sunshine or the fact it was Friday…doesn’t matter….folks just seemed so chipper today!