What a book!

The other day, I had to pick up a few things at BJ’s.  I was drawn to the book section where I found a book called Slow Cooker Revolution.  I looked at the photos and suddenly felt hungry, but put the book back, thinking I really don’t need a cookbook.  I finished my shopping and headed toward the checkout.

As I walked past the book section once again,  I just grabbed the book off the table, placed it in my cart, and went to the checkout!

Yesterday,  I made Honey Mustard Drumsticks. The recipe began with a rub for the chicken,  then a blend of honey and mustard was put on the drumsticks as they cooked in the crockpot.  When they were done, they were brushed with the honey/mustard mix and placed in the oven for several minutes.  Wow. The family went ballistic! 

Today, Mark took Michelle up to Rochester for her classes, while Ben and I stayed home.  I looked through the book and found a recipe for Old-Fashioned Chicken and Dumplings.  The recipe was a little involved, but as the aroma permeated the house this afternoon,  it was almost magical.  Before the meal was done, Ben took a snitch of chicken.  It was then he named me the Queen of Chicken.  hahaha

I was on a roll…..I got my little GE pot and made up a Chocolate Pudding Cake.  YIKES!

Let’s just say I am well loved by the family tonight! If you like cooking with a slow cooker, but would like some “gourmet” style recipes, this is THE book! As I said, the recipes call for some more prep than just tossing ingredients into a crock, but,  these recipes are fantastic!  Mark commented that this evening’s dinner reminded him of a Thanksgiving meal! (and it was nowhere “that” complex!)

It is rare that I would take a cookbook to bed at night to think about my next recipe, but…..hehehe