My how time just slips away…

I try so hard to keep up here but it seems like so many times when I begin to write, something else calls me away, and I get distracted!  Family keeps me hoppin’!

Yesterday, we went down to the souther tier to try out some vehicles. It was a good thing we did!  Mark and I had kind of set our sights on one vehicle.  We took the kids along just to see what they thought.  Yikes!  The vehicle we had thought might just do will not do!  The leg room in the backseat is not nearly big enough when Mark puts his seat back to drive!  We thought there was plenty of space until we actually saw the kids sitting there! Wow…buying a new vehicle takes some time, considering all the options and conveniences.  We would like something pretty basic,  but some little add ons would be great.

Ah, so much for vehicles.

Photos from today!

Think “Green”

hahaha…you will hear why soon!

Ben and I decided to take a little kayak adventure this morning.  Instead of just paddling along on the lake,  we decided to head on down the river.

As we passed by the Eagle tree,  we looked, but no Eagles to be seen. I did find this little bird seeking food while sitting on lily pads rather amusing!

The little bugger actually placed the lily pad in its mouth and picked it up, looking underneath for food!

We paddled out into the lake and turned into the river. There sure was a lot to be seen there.

Ben called out to me about a Great Blue Heron ahead.  He hung back while I paddled ahead, hoping to get close enough for a good shot.  Well….

That bugger lifted off! As Iwas photographing it,  I heard the strangest noise…Refusing to lower the camera, it was only after I had finished that Irealized the dreadful sound was the Heron!  Wow, could that thing make noise!

We passed by so many, many turtles! They seemed to be “hanging” off every floating thing in the water!  Some were very shy,  immediately going overboard as soon as the kayaks approached,  while others held their ground,  seemingly undaunted by me and the camera!

As we paddled along,  it began to grow hotter and hotter!  The hat on my head had to be removed as I thought I was going to explode from the heat!

We passed by some pretty awesome “still life’s”.

We had a good time, but as the heat increased,  I was anxious to get out of the water and to remove my life vest.  We paddled some more and even though we weren’t exactly sure we were on the right path, Ben assured me he was 85% sure.  Not that the 15% worried me….too much! 

As we moved along, the green algae increased.  I made a comment that it felt more like we were in a Louisianna bayou than the river and Ben smiled….he had the very same thought!  As we approached the launch where Mark agreed to pick us up,  we needed to paddle down a fairly short “corridor” of waterway.  We moved along at a pretty good clip..the algae was so thick, I can only liken it to porridge!  The stench was enough to propell the paddles at a nice rapid pace!

All in all, the scenery was lovely, but we shan’t repeat this adventure until some of the “green” disappears!

This is just so cool!

Last evening,  I went for a little walk down to the lake at the campground.  I wanted a photo for my journal since I had missed the day before. No matter how hard I tried to connect,  I just could not.  Bound and determined to get a “Blip”,  I found a rather cute (or ugly!)  capture. Thankfully, it published just fine last night.

While I am at it, here is the photo that did not upload the night before.  These ducks were at Darien Lake Park.

Okay, so back to last night. After my frog photo,  I walked back to the campsite when what should happen to be parked directly kitty-corner to our site?

Yes! That is a Scotty camper that is a 2010 remake of a camper  produced in 1963. As I looked at it,  I noticed Scottie statues placed here and there. Sure enough, guess what ELSE was there?

That is Flora,the Wheaten Scottie,  and her brother, Murdo, a Brindle. On the Scottie forums, when a Scottie lies down with his legs straight out like that, it is called “froggin'”!

I spoke to the friendly couple who owned the camper and pups.  They were so happy to hear about our Scotties, too!  They are both of Scottish descent and Frank plays the bagpipes!  Of course they would have a Scottycamper and two Scotties!!! It was so fun talking with them.  They gave me a card and we are going to keep in touch.

Before we left this morning,  Bonnie and Frank came over and took a picture of Michelle and I with Angus and Murphy!  I really enjoy camping because one often meets such nice people!

Hey there!

I just wanted to let my reader (or is it up to two?) know that I am still around.  My internet connectivity has been a bit sketchy, making me edgy!  I will be glad to get back home, for sure.

Our trip to Kingdom Bound was awesome, but it is every year.  We are all pretty tired, but it was so much fun.  We would never be able to attend so many great concerts any other way, so it is a fantastic vacation!

Will be posting again soon!  Until then…..

Last night wasn’t too shabby..

We arrived at our campsite on Saturday evening to set up.  Kingdom Bound always starts on Sunday, but this time,  it had some bigger bands on Sunday night.  The headliners for the night was the newsboys and they are always delightful, always!

We began with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.  D&MHO has a “big band” sound with brass. Although that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are incredible, mixing Denver’s  voice (reminescent of Frank Sinatra) and some unexpected twists to old hymns and new songs, too. The band is so tight, it is as though all the members are breathing in one breath!

After D&MHO,  Petra,  a music group we enjoyed in the 80’s, was next.  The group has aged considerably but sounded just like I remembered!  Everyone loved them….they really were the beginning of Christian rock.   It is funny how we considered this group to be somewhat “radical” and how now music has progressed. 

Following Petra, we heard an awesome word from Reggie Dabbs.  Reggie is an absolutely amazing and inspiring preacher.  He tells it like it is, telling his audience we all have a little “chocolate” inside,  and encouraging the audience to “put on” decidedly “black moves”.  Reggie was raised in foster care, as his mom was a prostitute and his dad, a one night stand.  The man is a master of words at making everyone feel the love of Jesus and how anyone could leave with a low self-esteem would be unfathomable.

Reggie wound down and it was time for the newsboys.  Oh my!  The group not only is musically magnificent, but seeing the musicians “take flight” as in being raised into the air on “lifts” is nothing short of entertainment at its best! The band played with great zeal and ended far too soon.  Of course, they came on out for the encore which was three songs and had the drummer,  Duncan Phillips playing vertically! This in and of itself is fantastic.  The newsboys never fail to put on a first rate show!

We got back to the camper after eleven and we were pretty tired! I was awakened on and off throughout the night by thunder, lightning, and heavy downpours of rain. Seems it wouldn’t be Kingdom Bound without some wild rainstorms! Michelle hopped out of bed shortly after six and I got up, too.  The sky was a pinkish-orange color off in the distance, then the sun began to shine as the rain poured down.

Of course, I needed my “nature fix”, so this afternoon, I was out shooting some photos of subjects at the campground.

i have seen and taken photos of a more turquoise dragonfly, but this one was a very pretty pale blue.

That is a hummingbird moth in the petunias.  I have tried to photograph one of these at home, but,  like hummingbirds, these little moths twitter and flitter like crazy.   This one was so little…I was fortunate to get a photo!

There are a couple of dragonflies in this photo, but you might have to click on it to see them.

I got some pretty good band shots at the concerts, but I think I will just bundle them into one single post at a later date.  My internet is less than stellar….

Having some fun and enjoying relaxing a bit!