Ho-hum, ho-hum

The problem with going out and getting the opportunity to get some nice photos is that once one is at home all day, there isn’t always such a great opportunity to get some new and exciting subjects! Thus, the dilemma today.

Michelle and I were outside this morning playing with Murphy.  Murphy was playing with his little “splash ball” and photographing him was akin to catching a greased pig!  Good grief….he just would not settle down.  Every time I had him in focus…..zzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!

Yup. The only halfway decent photos of the laddie were when he was STILL.

Later this morning,  I saw another butterfly…I grabbed the camera and went outside. As soon as I came anywhere near the Butterfly Bush, the thing took off!  A real day of challenges! I went and sat up on the porch until the little bugger returned.  I had to take my photos from the porch.  I tried once again to take pictures from the ground, but this little White Admiral was a jitterbug!

I did discover a really cool fact about these butterflies today!  I never realized that their closed wings are nearly as pretty as when they are open!

And that’s it!  Tomorrow, I am supposed to receive my birthday present from Mark.  He had wanted to buy me a new camera bag for over a year but I wasn’t sure what I wanted, exactly.  We looked online and I think we found a cool bag.  And speaking of bags!  As I was walking along today, the strap of my little purse broke!  Tomorrow, I am shopping for a new little purse!

For the record, we were out today, riding in the Explorer when the earthquake rumbled.  None of us felt it.