Just call me a double-fisted photographer….

That is a kind way of saying I carry TWO cameras and drive the family absolutely crazy.  I am constantly looking at life as though through the lens.  I cannot help but try to compose life into a continuous series of photos.  Sounds pretty sad, eh?  Ah well, it is a relatively harmless “addiction”.  I don’t mind missing, say, a day of no photos, but don’t expect me to go MORE than a day….it might cause withdrawal!

Okay. Enough of the silliness.  I had stated in the previous post that I would see if there were any good photos on the little Canon camera.  I thought there were some good ones there, so here they are….

There you have it!  (How was that for a little self-tour without my narration?)  The reason for two cameras is simple.  The Nikon had a big, heavy telephoto lens on it.  (the lens alone weighs in at about 3.5 pounds)  This is great for shots from a distance…works great for that.  However, sometimes I want a wide angle on things, like the photos taken on the village green above.  The Canon not only fullfills that role, but it also does a great job of portraits and closeups. (Like the sweet little sheep face in the fence rails)

Late yesterday afternoon,  Mark and I drove to Canandaigua.  We had had a few downpours and Mark said he didn’t see any more storms headed our way…so we slipped out for just a little ride. (and an opportunity to take more photos!) When we got to Canandaigua,  I asked Mark to drop me off on the pier.  I would walk my way back to the truck and hopefully get some photos along the way!

Right after Mark let me off, I began taking photos and walking around.  I love these times…it is great to get to stretch my legs and get photo ops, all at the same time!  The only problem was,  I had only gone a short distance when the skies began to really threaten.  It got so dark!  I didn’t take my camera bag out of the truck, so it was just me and the camera.  If the rain started, I was going to have to hoof it for shelter….I didn’t have a jacket or anything that could protect my camera!

Shortly after hopping out of the truck,  I was greeted by this (adorable, happy, amazing!) face…

Look at the sky changing colors and how the clouds have transformed into angry, dark clouds!

This storm was moving in from the northwest and if one looked in that direction, it was scary!

Scary….yet, as I was about to snap the shutter,  a small streak of sunlight shone down on the walkway between boathouses!

Looking toward the west, one could see nothing more than foreboding skies with brighter skies rimming the dark clouds. Talk about a power struggle!

Even the lights on the pier seemed to come on prematurely.

I walked….rather briskly….hoping I wasn’t going to get caught in a downpour.  It was okay as at this point, there wasn’t a whole lot more to photograph.  As I walked along Lakeshore Drive, I looked to the south and saw nothing but big, puffy, white…harmless clouds!

I made it to the truck and then the wind began to blow like crazy.  Thankfully, the camera…and I….were safe!

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