A very nice day, indeed!

Yesterday was my birthday and Carly had asked if we wanted to “continue our tradition”  of attending the Old Time Fiddler’s Fair at Genesee Country Village and Museum.  The fair is always held around the time of my birthday.   I asked Mark and he was happy to do this, as he loves the music.  It is always a fun day and one well spent.

We got to the museum and entered.  I looked at the venue and was a little disappointed as it seemed there weren’t as many fiddlers attending this year.  Perhaps I am wrong, but it seemed like there were fewer groups listed.  When I mentioned this to Mark, he said he thought the venue seemed a bit more sparse than in the past as well.

We listened to some music and then walked around the village.  This is one of my favorite things about visiting the museum. I never tire of seeing the people, animals, and buildings!  There is always something interesting there. Along the way, there are tents here and there with people teaching others a little, as well as “jam tents” like the one below.

We entered the village near the barn. In a large field, this little one was enjoying munching and walking around.

Off in the distance, a man in the blacksmith shop was giving a talk.

Behind the barn was a pair of oxen. They both refused to turn around so I could see their faces!

I really liked this photo of one of the men that was in the barn. There were all sorts of antique tools there that visitors could inquire about.  This was taken during a lull….I thought he was looking rather pensive.

Outside the front of the barn was a small space where some ducks and geese gathered around a small pond, a wooden tub filled with water, and a small puddle where they seemed to like diving their heads into! (must have been some good eats under the water?)

I really liked that black and white duck!  It was enjoying the little pond. Carly’s huband, Jeff, and the girls, had gone into a mercantile to look at goods sold there.  They caught up with Carly, my family, and I, back at the barn.  We went out back again to see the oxen.  This time, they were “hiding” behind some bramble.  This was one of my very favorite photos of the day…

We walked on up a hill to the village green. It was quite hot and I think we were all getting tired from the heat and bright sunshine on us!  The green was lush with places to sit and rest and just observe.  It is a fun spot, as it is interesting looking at folks from the past and today, mingling together.

A few years ago….when our kids (now 16 and 18) were small,  I remember a photo I took of a woman with a callilope.  When we heard similar music yesterday, we had to get up from our resting spot and take a look!  This man said he and his wife have differing opinions on music, so I wondered if the woman I saw all those years ago was his wife!  (Will have to see if I can find that photo…did not have a digital camera then!)

This man had a great face to photograph!

After this, we all headed back out to the parking lot….we had coolers of food for a picnic!  We sat in the shade of a pine tree and ate.  Afterwards, we headed back into the park but I left my Nikon camera behind.  Now, I wish I would have taken it!  I just had not taken many photos, so I thought I would only take the little Canon.  I will look at the photos from that and perhaps post one more Genesee Country Village and Museum entry! 

We had a very nice day. A nice day, indeed!

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  1. What fun! So glad you had a good time on your birthday!! That place reminds me very much of Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts…we went there last year! Love that old man’s face!! Where did all of that green come from??? We haven’t had enough rain to make the grass THAT green yet!!

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