Murphy is five!

Hard to believe our younger pup, Murphy, just turned five yesterday! We got him at five months of age, and it hardly seems that long ago.

Our Scottie parties are not as elaborate as they once were, but we do try to celebrate!  After all, life without celebrations gets pretty hum-drum! It is fun getting the pups all excited and watching them.  They are sometimes just like little kids! Okay, so maybe not,  but they definitely have individual personalities.

Angus (above) was so cute.  Mark and I printed the little birthday hats from the internet, using card stock.  I stapled cut rubber bands for the stretchy part to hold the hats on.  Now, let me tell you….Scotties do NOT like to wear party hats.  When I first put Angus’s hat on his head, he rubbed it against the chair and popped it off.  I told him NO ice cream and cookies if he did it again! I put his little hat back on and told him, “stay!”  The little fellow took everything to heart and patiently sat there for about five minutes while I got Murphy’s hat on his head!

Since it was Murphy’s birthday, he got to sit in the booster seat.

Each Scottie got a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream and a doggie “cookie” on top.  The boys both sat by the table, waiting for me to deliver their goodies! At one point, the two boys went nose to nose…..

Angus: Mon, wee brother, are ye aware you’ve got a stick in your beard?

Murphy: Mummy will take it out before she starts taking photos, donchaknow?

As soon as I set the bowls on the table, I told them they could dig in! Of course, the birthday boy didn’t need any convincing from me!

Angus is a much more “dainty” eater….not inhaling his goodies!

While Murphy really gets into this yummy fun!

Angus enjoyed his goodies, right down to the last bite.  Both boys licked all the ice cream out of the bowls first. Angus wasn’t able to grab the cookie with his teeth, whereas nothing misses Murphy’s teeth!

And, once Murphy finished his bowl, he leaned over and checked out Angus’s bowl as well!

What fun it is having a little party with the Scotties!  Happy Birthday, Murphy!  And wishing you many, many more!