It’s late and I am tired!

We got home just a short time ago…we had taken the kids to Penn Yan….yes, again!…

Last night, the kids wanted to meet up with friends at the mall, so we drove on up to Victor.  Mark and I did some running around, then parked in the mall parking lot with the Scottie boys.  As we sat there, all of a sudden, the rain came pounding down on the Explorer.  It was so loud and so hard!

The rain kept up, then nearly as suddenly as it began, it stopped! Mark and I rolled the windows down and just enjoyed the crisp clean air!  Murphy rather enjoyed it, himself!

Murphy’s nose was twitching like crazy as he tried to make sense of the sights and smells surrounding him. Angus always loves sniffing the air, but it’s unusual to catch Murphy like this!

Today was a long day with a lot being accomplished….so I will bid you adieu and see you on the flip side….I will talk about today, then!

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