A(nother) trip to Penn Yan

One of the guys that is a friend of our kids is going to return to Pennsylvania soon for college.  The kids are going to miss him once again…this will be his 3rdyear….so we took them to Penn Yan to visit.  It was late afternoon/early evening before we even arrived, so  Mark and I just relaxed and enjoyed the time.  I had not noticed the  huge cemetery in PennYan before, so I wanted to visit….I think it kind of creeps Mark out, but I wanted to look around.

It was interesting looking about the cemetery.  I saw graves from the early 1800’s,  but didn’t wander over to what looked like even earlier stones. I saw some stones with a tiny lamb on top-these were the graves of  little ones. 

After looking around a little, we decided to head on over to the lake.  It was beautiful, weatherwise, so listening to music and looking at the scenery was so very pleasant! I had to visit with the geese,of course…

I had walked down to the lake carefully, so as not to startle the gaggle.  I once had a farm wife tell me that every now and then, domestic geese will fly off with migrating wild geese.  Now,  I have no idea where this group came from,  but they look like domestic geese to me.  They are always at the park, so they must live there.

I counted a total of fifteen geese although they aren’t all here in the above photo. They are pretty tame.

hehehe….goose buns!  I couldn’t help but snap this one as they made their way up the hill!  They were so peaceful and just interesting to observe.  Then two young boys chased them all the way back down to the water.  That really irritates me when parents don’t stop their kids from terrorizing animals….perhaps if one of those lads were to get “goosed” a good one, they would leave the geese alone.  In thinking on it,  the parents would probably try to su the town instead.  The geese did wander back out of the lake after the terrorist attack and came up near where we were parked.  I saw the young boys coming up toward them once again and I was going to holler at them,  but when they saw me from afar,  they turned back.  Apparently,  they have been reprimanded before.

Mark, the Scottie boys,  and I,  all sat in the Explorer,  just enjoying…..sometimes it is nice to sit back and listen to whatever music we want to hear,and enjoy the view!

It really was a pleasant evening.  We picked the kids up shortly after nine and headed home.  I saw that some people had posted  about a meteor shower when I got home, but I was too tired to even look online to find out more info.  Funny….I dreamed Iwas taking photos of shooting stars!  The stars not only were awesome to *see*,  but they all made a “whizzing” noise as they streaked across the sky!