My how time just slips away…

I try so hard to keep up here but it seems like so many times when I begin to write, something else calls me away, and I get distracted!  Family keeps me hoppin’!

Yesterday, we went down to the souther tier to try out some vehicles. It was a good thing we did!  Mark and I had kind of set our sights on one vehicle.  We took the kids along just to see what they thought.  Yikes!  The vehicle we had thought might just do will not do!  The leg room in the backseat is not nearly big enough when Mark puts his seat back to drive!  We thought there was plenty of space until we actually saw the kids sitting there! Wow…buying a new vehicle takes some time, considering all the options and conveniences.  We would like something pretty basic,  but some little add ons would be great.

Ah, so much for vehicles.

Photos from today!