Last night wasn’t too shabby..

We arrived at our campsite on Saturday evening to set up.  Kingdom Bound always starts on Sunday, but this time,  it had some bigger bands on Sunday night.  The headliners for the night was the newsboys and they are always delightful, always!

We began with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.  D&MHO has a “big band” sound with brass. Although that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are incredible, mixing Denver’s  voice (reminescent of Frank Sinatra) and some unexpected twists to old hymns and new songs, too. The band is so tight, it is as though all the members are breathing in one breath!

After D&MHO,  Petra,  a music group we enjoyed in the 80’s, was next.  The group has aged considerably but sounded just like I remembered!  Everyone loved them….they really were the beginning of Christian rock.   It is funny how we considered this group to be somewhat “radical” and how now music has progressed. 

Following Petra, we heard an awesome word from Reggie Dabbs.  Reggie is an absolutely amazing and inspiring preacher.  He tells it like it is, telling his audience we all have a little “chocolate” inside,  and encouraging the audience to “put on” decidedly “black moves”.  Reggie was raised in foster care, as his mom was a prostitute and his dad, a one night stand.  The man is a master of words at making everyone feel the love of Jesus and how anyone could leave with a low self-esteem would be unfathomable.

Reggie wound down and it was time for the newsboys.  Oh my!  The group not only is musically magnificent, but seeing the musicians “take flight” as in being raised into the air on “lifts” is nothing short of entertainment at its best! The band played with great zeal and ended far too soon.  Of course, they came on out for the encore which was three songs and had the drummer,  Duncan Phillips playing vertically! This in and of itself is fantastic.  The newsboys never fail to put on a first rate show!

We got back to the camper after eleven and we were pretty tired! I was awakened on and off throughout the night by thunder, lightning, and heavy downpours of rain. Seems it wouldn’t be Kingdom Bound without some wild rainstorms! Michelle hopped out of bed shortly after six and I got up, too.  The sky was a pinkish-orange color off in the distance, then the sun began to shine as the rain poured down.

Of course, I needed my “nature fix”, so this afternoon, I was out shooting some photos of subjects at the campground.

i have seen and taken photos of a more turquoise dragonfly, but this one was a very pretty pale blue.

That is a hummingbird moth in the petunias.  I have tried to photograph one of these at home, but,  like hummingbirds, these little moths twitter and flitter like crazy.   This one was so little…I was fortunate to get a photo!

There are a couple of dragonflies in this photo, but you might have to click on it to see them.

I got some pretty good band shots at the concerts, but I think I will just bundle them into one single post at a later date.  My internet is less than stellar….

Having some fun and enjoying relaxing a bit!