Busy Days

Yesterday morning, I got up and went to work right away on the rubber roof of the camper.  At some point, we had developed a leak inside the camper and I was pretty sure there was a problem on the roof.  Mark said the roof should be cleaned, so he read up on the process and found Tilex is good to use for cleaning it.  We picked up an industrial strength bottle at Lowe’s, so I was anxious to get busy.

Michelle had moved a ladder around the camper a few days ago, snapping photos of sections of the roof.  She and Mark reviewed them and saw a spot or two that looked suspicious.  As I worked on that roof,  it was incredible to see the color change from grey to white!  Mark said  the company that makes these roofs recommends washing them three or four times a year…..YIKES!  It has been awhile since the last time I was up there!

As I worked, I was antsy to get to the refrigerator vent.  I was convinced that the leak was there as when it rained, water would  drip down in the cabinet below the vent.  It didn’t take long to see the problem once I got to the back side of the vent….

The big long dark “crack” in the center of this photo is where the rubber roof actually came away from the caulking that kept it water tight!  After I finished cleaning the roof,  Michelle (excellent cake decorator!)  went up with a tube of caulking and fixed that area up better’n new!  The test came last night.  We had a few downpours that would have left water in the camper, for sure!  When I got up this morning,  I went out and ran my hand inside the cupboard….it was bone dry!  Phew, that was an easy fix!

As I was looking through the photos on this SD card before uploading them,  I saw a few photos from Genesee Country Village and Museum that might be worth sharing.  There are several really nice sculptures there and I had never been able to get a decent photo of the two horses before.  This time, I took my time and took many photos from all different angles till I came up with a photo I like! Oh, and the flowers are from near the gazebo on the main green.

As we were leaving the village while we were there,  I spotted a wild grapevine growing along a fence….

These remind me it won’t be long until the grape harvest in all the Finger Lakes region! 

Since we were at the village on my birthday,  Erin went into the gift shop with her dad and Sarah.  When she came out, she handed me this really cute little Scottie dog!  He rode home on the dashboard of the truck.   What a cute present!

And, speaking of Scotties….I got this one of Murphy resting in my Nikon camera bag the other day!  Both he and Angus love this bag.  No idea why!  I got my snazzy new backpack/camera bag and it blows the doors off this “ragbag”!  I actually got the bag together with an extended camera warranty and lens.  It was a three-for deal that was too good to pass up.  The only thing is, the bag has very little padding and has developed a hole where the top closes.  I have found cardboard and paper with Chinese writing on it leaking out the hole.  It really was time for a new bag!

Now randomly from my front garden….

After spending a few hours cleaning the rubber roof last night,  I was anxious to clean the awning today.  It had gotten pretty ugly with lots of black mildew spots on it.  I dragged out the ladder and began working away.  I found awning cleaner and a scrub brush did miracles on removing much of the spotting.  As I finished up the highest part, Ben came out and helped clean the rest.  It took the two of us a little over an hour.  I think had I still been working alone,  I would still be out there!

Now the little camper is about as clean on the outside as on the inside.  The work is strenuous, only because I find myself working from a ladder!

With the hurricane threat,  I pray for folks up and down the east coast.  From all I’ve read, this is pretty unusual, but they have had to deal with hurricanes before.  Our forecast doesn’t show any rain although I am wondering if it will change.  Seems when this happened previously,  we got wind and lots of rain!

Ho-hum, ho-hum

The problem with going out and getting the opportunity to get some nice photos is that once one is at home all day, there isn’t always such a great opportunity to get some new and exciting subjects! Thus, the dilemma today.

Michelle and I were outside this morning playing with Murphy.  Murphy was playing with his little “splash ball” and photographing him was akin to catching a greased pig!  Good grief….he just would not settle down.  Every time I had him in focus…..zzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm!

Yup. The only halfway decent photos of the laddie were when he was STILL.

Later this morning,  I saw another butterfly…I grabbed the camera and went outside. As soon as I came anywhere near the Butterfly Bush, the thing took off!  A real day of challenges! I went and sat up on the porch until the little bugger returned.  I had to take my photos from the porch.  I tried once again to take pictures from the ground, but this little White Admiral was a jitterbug!

I did discover a really cool fact about these butterflies today!  I never realized that their closed wings are nearly as pretty as when they are open!

And that’s it!  Tomorrow, I am supposed to receive my birthday present from Mark.  He had wanted to buy me a new camera bag for over a year but I wasn’t sure what I wanted, exactly.  We looked online and I think we found a cool bag.  And speaking of bags!  As I was walking along today, the strap of my little purse broke!  Tomorrow, I am shopping for a new little purse!

For the record, we were out today, riding in the Explorer when the earthquake rumbled.  None of us felt it.

Just call me a double-fisted photographer….

That is a kind way of saying I carry TWO cameras and drive the family absolutely crazy.  I am constantly looking at life as though through the lens.  I cannot help but try to compose life into a continuous series of photos.  Sounds pretty sad, eh?  Ah well, it is a relatively harmless “addiction”.  I don’t mind missing, say, a day of no photos, but don’t expect me to go MORE than a day….it might cause withdrawal!

Okay. Enough of the silliness.  I had stated in the previous post that I would see if there were any good photos on the little Canon camera.  I thought there were some good ones there, so here they are….

There you have it!  (How was that for a little self-tour without my narration?)  The reason for two cameras is simple.  The Nikon had a big, heavy telephoto lens on it.  (the lens alone weighs in at about 3.5 pounds)  This is great for shots from a distance…works great for that.  However, sometimes I want a wide angle on things, like the photos taken on the village green above.  The Canon not only fullfills that role, but it also does a great job of portraits and closeups. (Like the sweet little sheep face in the fence rails)

Late yesterday afternoon,  Mark and I drove to Canandaigua.  We had had a few downpours and Mark said he didn’t see any more storms headed our way…so we slipped out for just a little ride. (and an opportunity to take more photos!) When we got to Canandaigua,  I asked Mark to drop me off on the pier.  I would walk my way back to the truck and hopefully get some photos along the way!

Right after Mark let me off, I began taking photos and walking around.  I love these times…it is great to get to stretch my legs and get photo ops, all at the same time!  The only problem was,  I had only gone a short distance when the skies began to really threaten.  It got so dark!  I didn’t take my camera bag out of the truck, so it was just me and the camera.  If the rain started, I was going to have to hoof it for shelter….I didn’t have a jacket or anything that could protect my camera!

Shortly after hopping out of the truck,  I was greeted by this (adorable, happy, amazing!) face…

Look at the sky changing colors and how the clouds have transformed into angry, dark clouds!

This storm was moving in from the northwest and if one looked in that direction, it was scary!

Scary….yet, as I was about to snap the shutter,  a small streak of sunlight shone down on the walkway between boathouses!

Looking toward the west, one could see nothing more than foreboding skies with brighter skies rimming the dark clouds. Talk about a power struggle!

Even the lights on the pier seemed to come on prematurely.

I walked….rather briskly….hoping I wasn’t going to get caught in a downpour.  It was okay as at this point, there wasn’t a whole lot more to photograph.  As I walked along Lakeshore Drive, I looked to the south and saw nothing but big, puffy, white…harmless clouds!

I made it to the truck and then the wind began to blow like crazy.  Thankfully, the camera…and I….were safe!

A very nice day, indeed!

Yesterday was my birthday and Carly had asked if we wanted to “continue our tradition”  of attending the Old Time Fiddler’s Fair at Genesee Country Village and Museum.  The fair is always held around the time of my birthday.   I asked Mark and he was happy to do this, as he loves the music.  It is always a fun day and one well spent.

We got to the museum and entered.  I looked at the venue and was a little disappointed as it seemed there weren’t as many fiddlers attending this year.  Perhaps I am wrong, but it seemed like there were fewer groups listed.  When I mentioned this to Mark, he said he thought the venue seemed a bit more sparse than in the past as well.

We listened to some music and then walked around the village.  This is one of my favorite things about visiting the museum. I never tire of seeing the people, animals, and buildings!  There is always something interesting there. Along the way, there are tents here and there with people teaching others a little, as well as “jam tents” like the one below.

We entered the village near the barn. In a large field, this little one was enjoying munching and walking around.

Off in the distance, a man in the blacksmith shop was giving a talk.

Behind the barn was a pair of oxen. They both refused to turn around so I could see their faces!

I really liked this photo of one of the men that was in the barn. There were all sorts of antique tools there that visitors could inquire about.  This was taken during a lull….I thought he was looking rather pensive.

Outside the front of the barn was a small space where some ducks and geese gathered around a small pond, a wooden tub filled with water, and a small puddle where they seemed to like diving their heads into! (must have been some good eats under the water?)

I really liked that black and white duck!  It was enjoying the little pond. Carly’s huband, Jeff, and the girls, had gone into a mercantile to look at goods sold there.  They caught up with Carly, my family, and I, back at the barn.  We went out back again to see the oxen.  This time, they were “hiding” behind some bramble.  This was one of my very favorite photos of the day…

We walked on up a hill to the village green. It was quite hot and I think we were all getting tired from the heat and bright sunshine on us!  The green was lush with places to sit and rest and just observe.  It is a fun spot, as it is interesting looking at folks from the past and today, mingling together.

A few years ago….when our kids (now 16 and 18) were small,  I remember a photo I took of a woman with a callilope.  When we heard similar music yesterday, we had to get up from our resting spot and take a look!  This man said he and his wife have differing opinions on music, so I wondered if the woman I saw all those years ago was his wife!  (Will have to see if I can find that photo…did not have a digital camera then!)

This man had a great face to photograph!

After this, we all headed back out to the parking lot….we had coolers of food for a picnic!  We sat in the shade of a pine tree and ate.  Afterwards, we headed back into the park but I left my Nikon camera behind.  Now, I wish I would have taken it!  I just had not taken many photos, so I thought I would only take the little Canon.  I will look at the photos from that and perhaps post one more Genesee Country Village and Museum entry! 

We had a very nice day. A nice day, indeed!

Egg on my face….or, the great value of the blog

Yesterday, I went to all the trouble to show pictures of Murphy’s FIFTH birthday party.  WRONG.

Murphy is SIX!

Yes, for those of us who carry weight on our shoulders, keeping our minds racing twenty-four/seven, (guess that describes about all of us who are over age thirty?) blogging daily (or with frequency) helps keep facts straight! I discovered this just a short time ago when I decided to look at all the entries on Murphy’s birthdays. It was then that I discovered my grand mistake!

I did see that last year I was sanding the front porch to prepare it for a painting.  Perhaps the fact that we skipped a year makes up for my forgetfulness?

Oh, and Happy TWENTY-FIRST Anniversary today, Mark!!!!  (Yeah, I DID remember that)

Murphy is five!

Hard to believe our younger pup, Murphy, just turned five yesterday! We got him at five months of age, and it hardly seems that long ago.

Our Scottie parties are not as elaborate as they once were, but we do try to celebrate!  After all, life without celebrations gets pretty hum-drum! It is fun getting the pups all excited and watching them.  They are sometimes just like little kids! Okay, so maybe not,  but they definitely have individual personalities.

Angus (above) was so cute.  Mark and I printed the little birthday hats from the internet, using card stock.  I stapled cut rubber bands for the stretchy part to hold the hats on.  Now, let me tell you….Scotties do NOT like to wear party hats.  When I first put Angus’s hat on his head, he rubbed it against the chair and popped it off.  I told him NO ice cream and cookies if he did it again! I put his little hat back on and told him, “stay!”  The little fellow took everything to heart and patiently sat there for about five minutes while I got Murphy’s hat on his head!

Since it was Murphy’s birthday, he got to sit in the booster seat.

Each Scottie got a tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream and a doggie “cookie” on top.  The boys both sat by the table, waiting for me to deliver their goodies! At one point, the two boys went nose to nose…..

Angus: Mon, wee brother, are ye aware you’ve got a stick in your beard?

Murphy: Mummy will take it out before she starts taking photos, donchaknow?

As soon as I set the bowls on the table, I told them they could dig in! Of course, the birthday boy didn’t need any convincing from me!

Angus is a much more “dainty” eater….not inhaling his goodies!

While Murphy really gets into this yummy fun!

Angus enjoyed his goodies, right down to the last bite.  Both boys licked all the ice cream out of the bowls first. Angus wasn’t able to grab the cookie with his teeth, whereas nothing misses Murphy’s teeth!

And, once Murphy finished his bowl, he leaned over and checked out Angus’s bowl as well!

What fun it is having a little party with the Scotties!  Happy Birthday, Murphy!  And wishing you many, many more!

I’m (finally) comin’ round the bend!

I went down to the dentist yesterday…my appointment was originally for today, but when the little plastic temporary crown made to cover the post for my mini implant slipped partially off on Sunday,  I was anxious to get in a bit sooner!

On my way down to the dentist, I had a few extra minutes, so I stopped at Woodville and saw that one of the Eagles was perched in “the tree”.  I also watched as a young woman backed a small trailer carrying her kayak up to water’s edge.  She parked, walked around, then launched off on her own.  Time was a-tickin’ and I had an appointment!

I got to the dentist office and was taken in quickly.  The first order of the day was to remove the temporary. The hygienist was ready to crank it off with those dental “pliers”, but I told her it should pop right out.  She took a gentler approach and out it came with little urging or force!

The hygienist then told me she was going to scan my teeth.  Mark had this done previously for the manufacture of a crown, but it was new to me.  I was amazed as she began, listening to the computer giving her instructions on which to to scan, the surface to be scanned, and the degree at whixh to hold the “wand”.  It was funny….the voice sounded similar to a female computer voice for GPS.  When this was done, the hygienist looked at the scan….for one reason or another, it didn’t show the teeth properly.  She spoke to the dentist, and he came in to give it a whirl.  For one reason or another, the scan just wasn’t working….it seems there was too much light reflecting.  I told the dentist it was just my luminous nature and we laughed!

Ah yes, back to business….the lab was still going to need an accurate model of my teeth. So….back to the good ole impressions!  The hygienist came at me with one of those bite plates and a “caulk gun” full of goop.  The dentist and I laughed as she was about to try out the plate….it looked about the size to fit a horse….I have an abnormally small mouth!  She came back with the right size and gooped it up, bluish green glop running down the sides of my mouth.  To add insult to injury, the bite plate had to remain in my mouth for five minutes.  Yikes!

After that procedure was done, I thought maybe I was free, but not. Next, a bottom impression was needed. Thankfully, the glop wasn’t so wet and the plate only needed too remain for two minutes.  Then, a bit model needed to be made, showing how my bite is, top to bottom.  This one was really easy and only had to stay in two minutes as well.

In the midst of all the dental marvel, there was a four-year-old sitting in a chair kitty corner to me, absolutely terrified of the filling that was being worked on in her mouth.  Ah, what ambiance!  I was thinking back to our kids…they didn’t have filling until they were older.  It would be traumatic getting a filling at four! 

I was thrilled when the hygienist took a photo of my teeth and told me I was done!  Hurrah!  In about three more weeks, I will have the final crown mounted and this mini implant will be complete!  I am thrilled, particularly since the dentist was leary at first.  He had done a bone scan that indicated I might not have dense enough bone. However, upon screwing the post into the bone in my jaw, he said it appeared the bone was very dense.  Whatever….he was impressed when he tapped on the post yesterday.

I went back home, noting that there was an Eagle when I passed by Woodville.  I quickly made lunch and cleaned up.  When I was done,  I asked Mark about going kayaking by myself.  He has always been an advocate of the “buddy” system, just in case there is a problem.  I told him I had seen at least four women launch their kayaks with only themselves. He thought about it and gave me a thumbs up!  It was awesome!  I loaded the kayak in the back of the truck by myself and drove on down.

I was able to unload the kayak and get into the water in record time!  There was an Eagle in the tree and I paddled like crazy to get out there!  It was so obliging and just sat there as though it had been waiting for me! I took zillions of photos. Of course!

What an awesome bird!

I could have sat all day, admiring my friend, the Eagle.  Thinking I probably had some fairly good photos, I decided to leave.

I paddled over near the mouth of the river and looked over toward the tree where the Eagles often perch. I felt sorry for anyone who doesn’t even realize they are there!

It would be so easy to miss seeing these birds if one didn’t know where to look!

By now, I had taken enough photos. I had to get back home, so I began paddling away. As I was paddling, something made me turn back.  I looked at the Eagle and called out,  “Jesus loves you, Eagle”!  A funny thing to say to a bird, but I thought about the verse that states that God even knows when a sparrow falls from a tree.

I paddled to the north a bit to get out of the water lilies and seaweed that grow profusely in the shallower waters.

Suddenly, a large shadow came over me and I nearly fell out of my kayak. The next photos are awful.  Between shaking, and just being bounced about by the waves, (there was a pretty brisk breeze over the water) it was hard to capture what happened!

Now, I have no idea what, exactly, inspired that bird, but both in taking off and in landing, it flew directly over my head.  I don’t remember when I have been quite so awestruck!!!

It’s late and I am tired!

We got home just a short time ago…we had taken the kids to Penn Yan….yes, again!…

Last night, the kids wanted to meet up with friends at the mall, so we drove on up to Victor.  Mark and I did some running around, then parked in the mall parking lot with the Scottie boys.  As we sat there, all of a sudden, the rain came pounding down on the Explorer.  It was so loud and so hard!

The rain kept up, then nearly as suddenly as it began, it stopped! Mark and I rolled the windows down and just enjoyed the crisp clean air!  Murphy rather enjoyed it, himself!

Murphy’s nose was twitching like crazy as he tried to make sense of the sights and smells surrounding him. Angus always loves sniffing the air, but it’s unusual to catch Murphy like this!

Today was a long day with a lot being accomplished….so I will bid you adieu and see you on the flip side….I will talk about today, then!

A(nother) trip to Penn Yan

One of the guys that is a friend of our kids is going to return to Pennsylvania soon for college.  The kids are going to miss him once again…this will be his 3rdyear….so we took them to Penn Yan to visit.  It was late afternoon/early evening before we even arrived, so  Mark and I just relaxed and enjoyed the time.  I had not noticed the  huge cemetery in PennYan before, so I wanted to visit….I think it kind of creeps Mark out, but I wanted to look around.

It was interesting looking about the cemetery.  I saw graves from the early 1800’s,  but didn’t wander over to what looked like even earlier stones. I saw some stones with a tiny lamb on top-these were the graves of  little ones. 

After looking around a little, we decided to head on over to the lake.  It was beautiful, weatherwise, so listening to music and looking at the scenery was so very pleasant! I had to visit with the geese,of course…

I had walked down to the lake carefully, so as not to startle the gaggle.  I once had a farm wife tell me that every now and then, domestic geese will fly off with migrating wild geese.  Now,  I have no idea where this group came from,  but they look like domestic geese to me.  They are always at the park, so they must live there.

I counted a total of fifteen geese although they aren’t all here in the above photo. They are pretty tame.

hehehe….goose buns!  I couldn’t help but snap this one as they made their way up the hill!  They were so peaceful and just interesting to observe.  Then two young boys chased them all the way back down to the water.  That really irritates me when parents don’t stop their kids from terrorizing animals….perhaps if one of those lads were to get “goosed” a good one, they would leave the geese alone.  In thinking on it,  the parents would probably try to su the town instead.  The geese did wander back out of the lake after the terrorist attack and came up near where we were parked.  I saw the young boys coming up toward them once again and I was going to holler at them,  but when they saw me from afar,  they turned back.  Apparently,  they have been reprimanded before.

Mark, the Scottie boys,  and I,  all sat in the Explorer,  just enjoying…..sometimes it is nice to sit back and listen to whatever music we want to hear,and enjoy the view!

It really was a pleasant evening.  We picked the kids up shortly after nine and headed home.  I saw that some people had posted  about a meteor shower when I got home, but I was too tired to even look online to find out more info.  Funny….I dreamed Iwas taking photos of shooting stars!  The stars not only were awesome to *see*,  but they all made a “whizzing” noise as they streaked across the sky!