Yesterday is past…gone….history


Yesterday began with one small(ish) plan.  I wanted to go visit my Amish friend, Eunice.  It was her birthday and I have not seen her in a couple of months,  so this was important to me.

Since I wanted to go see Eunice,  the kids thought they might like to go visit friends in Penn Yan.  The Yates County Fair is going on now, and since it is pretty small, the kids thought it might be fun.  As we were getting ready to go,  Mark  called the Ford garage to see how they were coming along with the Explorer.

The service manager said the Explorer was done.  We could pick it up!  We left the house at about noon and drove to Geneva. I was so anxious to get that vehicle back.  We arrived at the garage and got our paperwork and paid the bill.  We began making our way to Penn Yan when Michelle and I noticed a terrible smell.  We pulled over and smoke poured out the back end of the vehicle.

Mark was in front of me driving the truck, so after I told him the problem, he called the garage.  They asked us to drive back.  I took it slow and back to the garage I drove.  Mark and the kids sat in the truck while I went in to see what was up.  The mechanic took the Explorer in right away and off came the wheels!  He worked on it, then lowered it off the lift.  He backed it up to take it for a test drive, but there was a lot of noise that could be heard.  He immediately pulled it back onto the lift.

I sat outside on a bench in the shade.  There was a terrific breeze blowing directly through the garage where doors were open on each end.  The bench sat out of the way of the doors at one end and it was so comfortable! 

As I sat, I could watch the mechanic working.  Suddenly, a little bird flew right up to me! I couldn’t help but get the camera out!

I could see this was an immature Robin.  The little bird let me get close, but it was obvious it was frightened.  I watched as it tried to hide behind a trash can.  Then it took off….right into the entrance way to the garage.  Realizing the wee bird was right in harm’s way,  I shooed it back outside.  The bird could fly, but not strongly yet.  It landed back over by the bench once again.

This scene played out three more times.  Each time the little bird flew into the garage, I quickly got up and herded it back outside.  Then, one last time, the little thing flew in deeply inside the garage.  Knowing I was not about to go inside,  I gave up and figured there was nothing I could do to help this bird.

As I was sitting and waiting, the service manager came out to tell me that the Explorer was going to need new calipers on the rear brakes.  The good news was,  since we had already dropped a considerable amount of money getting the vehicle repaired, (and the price we paid was far less than any other Ford garage…or maybe *any* garage!)  they were going to cover the cost!  Wow.  The deal was, we would have to wait for parts. 

It was getting later and later.  The kids had made plans to meet their friends at the fair, but Mark refused to drive off to Penn Yan,  just in case anything should happen and the work couldn’t be completed on the Explorer.  It was already nearing four o’clock.  Mark and the kids waited in the truck…I waited on the bench.

As the mechanic was finishing up the job at nearly five o’clock,  I spotted the wee bird sitting on top of a fabric Michelin Tire sign hanging just inside the garage entrance.  Well, at least the little bird was in a safe place!  Then I thought about the fact that the garage was going to close at five.  That little bird would be trapped inside the garage…that would not be a good thing!

The mechanic backed he Explorer up and took it for a test ride.  (During the time he was waiting for parts to arrive, he actually replaced parts Mark had decided to replace himself to cut down on the cost! ) Finally, the Explorer was done. Ready to go. But, I wasn’t.

As the mechanic was about to walk away,  I asked if he might do me a favor and rescue the little bird.  When I went over to talk to Mark just before the job was done, I had spotted a Robin up on a telephone line and I was pretty sure she was the baby bird’s mom.  The mechanic (decked out with tatooes and looking pretty “Butch”) looked at me and said he has a fear of birds diving down at him!

Feeling compassion overwhelming me, I went over to the sign. Cupping my hands gently around the now squawking furiously little bird’s body, I took him outside and set him down on the grass. The bird that was perched on the lines swooped around me, making sure I knew she was present.  I then retreated, totally satisfied that mother and baby bird were reunited.  There was no more intervention on my behalf…the baby bird would have to rely solely upon the mother bird from that point.

And, I felt good. Like I had done a mitzvah (good deed) for the day!

We drove right on down to Penn Yan, the kids arriving two hours later than they had planned. They met their friends at the entrance gate, then we took off.  I had parked the Explorer in a plaza parking lot. The vehicle has no inspection sticker because it had expired and the garage is required, by law, to remove outdated inspection stickers. 

Of course (indeed!) just before taking the Explorer in initially,  the “Service Engine Soon” light came on, which is the equivalent of a “check engine” light. A sensor had to read the code of the problem and this was taken care of at the garage…however, we need to complete some driving cycles to now eliminate the light so the vehicle can (finally!) be inspected.

Mark asked if I still wanted to go see Eunice. It was after six, but I said yes.  I really wanted to surprise her on her birthday! I had bought her two of her favorite things….raw almonds and a chunck of sharp cheddar cheese.  Susanna’s birthday is the 17th, so I got her a wooden stacking toy.  Chris has a birthday the 31st, so I got him a tiny little basball glove and ball.

We arrived at Eunice and Noah’s shortly after seven.  Eunice was at home with Susanna and Noah was working in the fields with Chris.  I visited with Eunice and we talked and laughed. She was shocked I had remembered her birthday!  As soon as little Chris came back with his dad,  Eunice showed him the baseball glove. He loved it!  He carried it all around and put in on and off his hand.  He will be three and when he removed his straw hat (just like Dad’s) I couldn’t believe his non-Amish haircut!  Seems the little fellow took Eunice’s sewing scissors and gave himself a new style! Eunice laughed so hard as she told me the story!

Eunice asked if I wanted to see the tomatoes in the hothouse. We walked on down and when she opened the door, I could not believe my eyes!

Noah made a barrel stove to heat the house, but Eunice said they only had to use it one night.  There are about four hundred tomato plants in this house! I asked Eunice if Noah had ever grown produce before, and she said no.  She said he had pruned the tomato plants and when she asked him how he knew to do it,  he told her he “just knew”.  The results are unlike anything I have ever seen before…

These tomatoes are supposed to weigh in at about eight ounces…as you can see (I placed my hand next to the tomato to give an idea of the size) they are huge!

AND, very abundant!

I have never seen so many tomatoes!

Noah had originally planned to sell produce to Wegman’s, but somehow, it didn’t work out. In the meantime, they plan to try to sell at a stand down in Bath.

We left the farm at probably eight-thirty, after Eunice went up to the garden and filled a shopping bag with Swiss Chard and Roamine lettuce for us.  As we drove down the driveway,  little Chris waved, his new baseball glove in hand!  That made me feel so good!

We picked the kids up in Penn Yan at ten and arrived home at eleven.

What a day.  I am now planning on a very quiet,  very uneventful day.  That is my plan. And, I am sticking to it!

Another first!

Wow, this month saw me riding in a police cruiser (at Allegany State Park) for the first time.  No, if you missed it, I was not arrested, but getting a ride back to our campground after Angus locked the powerlocks on the truck…the policeman got the doors opened for us! (the keys were inside the truck, of course!)

So…Mark and Ben arose early in the morning yesterday to try to muscle the old wheel bearing hub off the truck.  They worked at it for quite some time before Mark decided that they were not going to be able to do the job.  Sheer disappointment for both Mark and Ben.

Mark called the Chevy garage and inquired about whether they could do the job yesterday.  Yes!  Mark made an appointment for 1pm and the garage even agreed to use the hub Mark had already purchased.  Wow, that was great!  But in order to coordinate everything to work together, Mark had to call AAA at the right time to get the flatbed to haul the truck.

Mark had asked if the service manager thought it might be okay to drive the truck in for the appointment.  The fellow told Mark he had seen some vehicles start on fire or the wheel begins to wobble and destroys the brake and rotor on the tire.  Mark decided it would be better to have the truck towed!

Since Mark couldn’t very well travel to the garage in the tow truck,  he asked if I would go.  I said yes.  So, this was my first ride in a tow truck!  A flatbed, no less!  As we rode to Canandaigua, the driver told me he had seen a car loose its wheel due to a wheel bearing failure.  He said it was a mess…the wheel rolled off, causing the axle to fall onto the road, gouging it and making it impossible for the driver to steer.  He said no one was injured, but he had a terrible time getting the car loaded onto the truck.  I am so grateful we were able to drive as many miles as we had with no trouble!

I waited at the Chevy garage while the truck was being repaired.  Unfortunately, the splash guard behind the wheel had rusted so badly, it had a hole in it. Although a cheap part, the process of putting the truck back together would be delayed a bit because a new guard had to be delivered from Rochester.

I ended up waiting a total of only two hours for the truck to be fixed!  I watched as it was driven around to the front parking lot.  The service manager came with the bill and I paid…then off I went!  Interestingly, the last time I had driven the truck a few weeks ago, I thought the brakes felt a little “funny”.  As I drove the truck out of the parking lot, everything felt great!  I told Mark this and he said he thinks the wheel bearing failure happened over a length of time.  He said he wondered if the power steering needed more fluid, too! 

We are waiting to hear from the Ford garage about the Explorer. It has been three days since it was towed there and we were told it would probably be at least two days of working on it. 

I will be so glad once our vehicles are all set in working order once again!  The stress of not having a working vehicle yesterday was incredible.  It is a strange feeling to realize you have no means of transportation!

Still recovering…

I am still trying to recouperate from our little vacation.  We weren’t gone that long, but it was a bit of a touch and go trip home on Sunday. 

We had a wheel bearing go on the front right wheel on Saturday. Mark thought about going to a Chevy garage that was open until 6pm on Saturday, but decided he would like to try to do the job himself.  Ben was willing to help out and Mark thought it would be doable.

We hitched up on Sunday morning and went to the Sabres Development Camp. We really enjoyed watching the young prospects drill and then scrimmage on Saturday and Sunday.  We have been attending these camps for a few years now and have seen several players become Buffalo Sabres. 

After the camp, we began our very slow way home.  We would drive about 30 miles or so, then stop to allow the wheel to cool off.  It took hours to get home, but we were so thankful to arrive safely. 

Yesterday, the temperatures soared into the 90’s, making me totally miserable. Mark’s mother had a doctor’s appointment in Rochester at 9:30am, so Mark and I were off early in the morning, once again praying the wheel wouldn’t let loose. We took my mother-in-law to her appointment, then picked up the parts and tools we needed to fix the wheel bearing.  Thankfully, our faithful truck brought us safely home once again.

At this point, I must add that the Explorer is at the Ford garage, getting nearly $1500. in repairs.  I am of the mindset that we should put it up for sale right away and get something with good gas efficiency.  We will see.  The Explorer is a 2002 model and although it has low milage, it is getting old.  We will be doing some driving when Michelle begins RIT, so it would be good to have a sipping versus guzzling vehicle.

Today was another blazing hot day, although tonight, it is beginning to cool to the point that it is getting comfortable. Mark and Ben began working on the hub today, but parts seem quite fused together.  Mark cannot work for long periods of time, so they worked for just a few hours and quit.  Mark is searching for info on how to remove the hub and I just pray he finds a good answer.  With all this vehicle mess,  it would be quite pricey to have two vehicles getting repaired!

Well, enough of that.  I am not going to stress over things that I cannot control!

So, let me tell you about Lewiston!

As we were leaving our campground on Sunday, we realized we were really early, so Mark took the Lewiston exit.  I was happy to poke around, as the last time we were there, it was raining. A lot! 

Lewiston is referred to as “Historic Lewiston”.  It is a beautiful little community with beautiful little shops lining the main street.  Flowers adorn the lamp posts and there is a sense of a very old community. The buildings have a look of antiquity and were it not an early Sunday morning,  I would have gladly slipped inside the shops to have a look….they are quite inviting! Why I didn’t take a photo is beyond me, except for the fact that we were pulling the trailer behind us and together, the truck and trailer are about 50 feet long…makes for some interesting parking!

Mark drove around and stopped in a large parking area….right near one of my favorite statues…the Freedom Crossing Memorial. I blogged about this previously.

Just beyond this memorial was a set of stairs.  Well, curiosity got the better of me, and I hopped off in that direction.  I went down….and down….and down some more!  When I arrived at the bottom,  I was on a driveway/walkway just above the level of the lower Niagara River.  Oh, this was beautiful!

I walked along, meeting up with the Harbor Manager (I know that is the wrong name…I just cannot remember what the title was that was embroidered on his shirt.) What drew me was this…

This is The Black Pearl and cruises are available! I would love to go there and spend the day….the price of a one hour cruise is $35 per person…three hours is $75 per person.  The boat has diesel engines to get it moving up and down the river, but I was told that once it hits the lake,  it becomes full sails, a beautiful replica of a 1600’s ship. Wow, the directions my mind could go with that!!!

I spent considerable time looking around and talking to the Harbor man and another man.  They told me the fishing for Muskies is excellent there.  They said folks who fish there never divulge how big their fish caught were nor where they were fishing.  Hmm….They also said hardly anyone fishes there as they just don’t even know about this.

I suddenly became aware that I had many, many stairs to climb to get back to my family who might just be wondering where I was!  There was no way I was going to race up those stairs and I did notice a little addition off to one side with a bench…I thought perhaps they kindly put it there for folks who felt like they were going to drop from all that stair-climbing!

Since the family didn’t seem to be paying any attention to my winded self, I walked on over to see a restaurant that overlooks the water below.  It is an interesting shape and I just wanted a closer look.

As I snapped a photo of the restaurant menu, (wow! Who ever would have mounted their menu on a story board in front!!! What an awesome idea!) the man who founded the restaurant came over and talked my ear off!

I learned the history of the restaurant as well as how it came into being!  The restaurant was actually a coal silo that held coal for the steamships that used to travel the river.  After steam engines were replaced, the silo sat vacant for years and years.  While relatives from Minnesota were visiting with the man I spoke to,  they observed the silo from the Canadian side of the river.  They commented what a perfect day it was and the man said the only way it could be better was with an ice cream.  The relative pointed to the silo and told the man he should consider turning it into an ice cream parlor. And that is the condensed version.

The silo is leased from the town of Lewiston and the man’s son now operates the business.  He added a patio and outdoor picnic tables along with flowers and pretty landscaping.  ( I was told the view here in the autumn is absolutlely breathtaking…umm….one would NOT have to sway me…I believe it!)

The ice cream parlor (proper) was moved from the silo to an 1860’s Canadian Railway caboose.  The man explained that it took years to convince the town to approve the addition of the caboose.

Oh, by the way…that white house across the river?  It was owned by Tom Selleck at one time.

Wow, I learned so much from listening to this fellow! He was like a walking encyclopedia!  Oh, and by the way…the shape of the restaurant resembles a minaret mosque…the man lived in Istanbul, Turkey, for some 15 years!

I can’t believe I remembered so much of the conversation, but I do want to visit this restaurant.  It was given a high rating by a Buffalo food critic (the fellow chuckled, saying she critiqued the atmosphere, the owner and his wife, the setting…everything, but never once mentioned the FOOD!).  It also was featured on the show Man vs Food.

When Mark looked at the pricing, he was impressed.  He said too bad we were leaving town….this would have been an awesome place to take the kids for lunch!

Okay, so that’s it for Lewiston. (I think I oughta get paid for this! Or, at least get ONE of the vehicles fixed for free!!!)

The Ospreys

As we were leaving Allegany State Park, we passed by an Osprey nest.  Now, I am no ornithologist, but I think the difference between Osprey and Bald Eagles nests appears to be size.  I am thinking the eagles make a much deeper nest.  Both types of birds use tree branches that look like they are huge….it is hard to comprehend just how they build their nests….watching a nest building would be very interesting!

We spotted the Osprey nest built up on top of a telephone pole.  I asked Mark to stop so I could have a look and he pulled over.  I got out and began walking toward the pole….There was an adult bird in the nest and I saw one youngster in there as well.  As I walked down the road,  the bird in the nest began screeching like a banshee!  I moved across the road and that seemed to calm the bird down some.

Believe me, seeing the size of these birds and their talons, I would never want to mess with one!

As I was walking along,  I caught sight of another Osprey flying.  I half-heartedly tried to capture a few photos of the bird in flight and was amazed when many of them actually turned out well!

If you enlarge these photos by clicking on them, you can see more detail.  I have learned that I am really much more of a naturalist photographer than an urban one!  Our trip to Buffalo really made me realize that. I would rather wait in the woods for a photo op than to get out on the streets to capture city life and movement!

Kids’ day out

Well, after having to drag two teens kicking and screaming to visit…hahahah….just kidding!  The kids had such a great day on the Fourth…they loved it!  It is always fun to visit with my parents and Randy.  Randy always has an interesting project and the kids love hearing all about what everyone has been up to.

We had told the kids they could visit with their friends the next day, so we worked in the morning and into part of the afternoon before leaving for Penn Yan.  We dropped the kids off and Mark and I went for a little explore on our own. Of course, we both love seeing new places and sights.

The kids didn’t stay as long as they sometimes do, and it was soon time to find them.  Yes, we were going to pick them up at “the wall”.  This is a place all the kids in Penn Yan talk about and Mark and I had heard about…many times.  Somehow, in the process of hearing about this “famous” place, we never really asked questions.  That is pretty unusual, particularly for Mark.  We had heard that one mom had made a brave and daring jump from the wall into the water, so it seemed okay.

The problem was, we had no idea where the wall is located. 

We called and asked how to find our way and were told to just follow Outlet Road for “a couple of miles”.  We would be able to see cars of kids we know parked there…we couldn’t miss it!

Mark and I decided to head on out to the wall before we needed to meet the kids…after all, better a little early than late. We drove and drove and never saw any cars parked along the road.  We turned back and headed toward Penn Yan.  Then we turned around again,  knowing that the water had to be located along Outlet Road. We turned down a little side road that looked pretty much abandoned.

We found some interesting remains in this little place…indicating that a factory of some type had once been active there.

Mark said this looked like a big old turbine…probably driven by water.

Across from the turbine was this beautiful old smokestack….further indicating this was probably the location of an active factory.  Then we spotted the run down, tumbling down building next to the smokestack…

I find places like this so fascinating and only wish the turbine and building could talk!  Oh, what history they might divulge.

We turned around and left this area to drive on further.  Surely we would see evidence of the kids and their friends! Finally, we arrived at the small parking area where the kids had left their cars.  Since we were still early, Mark and I went for a small ride. We discovered two things…1) The stream we were following to find the kids runs from Keuka Lake to Seneca Lake,  and, 2) this area is full of Amish and Mennonite families.

As we drove along, we passed an Amish couple working outside.  A little farther down the road, one of their ducks was waddling along the road….

I was concerned this little duck was going to dart out into the road, but it proved to be a clever and smart duck, indeed!  It suddenly made a right turn and headed down into some tall grass where just beyond the grass was a small pond!

We drove around some more, awestruck by the beautifully picturesque and tidy farms owned by the Amish and Mennonites.  The truth is that these folks came into the area, purchasing some run down properties, and they are vastly improving not only the houses and barns, but the land as well.

Watching the clock, we did an about face and headed back to the parking lot to meet our kids.  As we were driving along, we came upon a family out for a nice Monday evening drive…

I am unsure if this is an Amish or Old Order Mennonite family.  This next photo is so pretty, it reminds me of a scene from a movie…

We met up with the kids and Mark and I began asking questions.  Wow! What a surprise we got…they said that “the wall” is where a few old buildings are that were industries…we were told it is like a ghost town along the water. Michelle thinks there were many businesses along the stream (river?) years ago.  Oh my!  I could feel my trigger finger burning!!!

We could not linger…for we had a camper to pack and   yet another adventure to head out to early the next morning…


The Amish in the city

I promised that I would show the photos I took with the little Canon camera when we visited my parents. 

We had driven up the side street where the house that the Amish were working at is situated.  The house is a cozy Cape Cod style home that is decorated country. When I saw the buggy in the front yard, I commented that perhaps they had bought a buggy to decorate their yard! It does fit in nicely, after all….

When we got to the home of my parents, I was so happy to see them, I had forgotten all about the buggy.  Then we heard the men working. My mom told me to go have a little look, so I did!

These two men were working away on the new garage. What I did not see was their horse, until I moved in on another angle!

As you can see, the horse didn’t have much grazing area!

I still am amazed that the Amish travel several miles to get to jobs in the city.  Incredible, really….especially when one realizes they have no GPS to guide them!

On the Fourth of July…

We took a little ride.  We drove down into Pennsylvania.  If you have read with me for awhile, you will know that my heart is buried deep in the hills of Pennsylvania!  I love this state…I was born there and spent the first three months of my life there.  I guess if I could have chosen, I would have stayed there.

Why do I love Pennsylvania so? Perhaps it is purely because of memories of time spent there.  My maternal and paternal grandparents spent much of my life there, along with great aunts, great uncles, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Truth be told, when my parents moved from Pennsylvania, they moved to a city in New York that is only minutes from the Pennsylvania state line. New York is an awesome state, but the hills here cannot compare with the hills of PA…or the memories!

Here are a few photos I took…we wandered around a bit until the GPS lost its mind, causing us to be lost for a short time as well!

Okay, so how lost could we have been….yes, we were looking for ATV trails that run through the National Forest.  How cool is that?

SOLD! Well, I am, anyway. We discovered the trails that run through the national forest a few years ago, but when I walked a little way on them, I was very impressed!  They are awesome. 

Hey, even nature is more friendly in Pennsylvania!  What?  You don’t believe me? 

While we were lost  As we were looking around the forest, I spotted this beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly.  Now, we have Swallowtails at our house, too, but trying to photograph one is a challenge and then some!  This lovely specimen was so happy to have me and my camera observing it! Okay, well, perhaps it has seen so few people, it doesn’t realize it is supposed to be afraid!

After our adventure to Pennsylvania, we were off to visit my parents and brother, Randy, to celebrate the Fourth.  My mother fixed the most awesome spead of picnic foods….it was so tasty! 

As I was taking some photos around the yard (oops! forgot to take people photos!) I spotted two Amishmen!

Yes, the Amish don’t necessarily celebrate the birthday of our nation, so these fellows were building a garage fro a neighbor. Now, my parents live in the city….this isn’t even really considered “suburbia”!  I was shocked when I spotted not only the Amishmen, but their horse and buggy in the yard!  They have to travel a good distance to get to this neighborhood…I would have thought they might have hired a driver!  In my next post, I will show pictures of the buggy and horse in the yard.

The photos above aren’t that great, but I didn’t want to feel like I was “spying”.  Particularly with a camera. These folks are very Old Order Amish and I am positive a camera has no  place in their lives!

We left to go home and it was hard to go….I love visiting my hometown. I miss my parents so much and although we are only four hours apart, sometimes it seems much much farther!

And then came Sunday

Sunday morning, we got up and went on a little adventure.  We drove a couple of hours to Allegany State Park where the park was basically filled to capacity!  Instead of taking our camper along with us on this trip, we took tents.  I had a sneaky feeling this trip was going to be really different!

We pulled into the campground and were given a choice of three sites from which to choose.  The girl at the desk advised Mark to take a certain site, so we did.  In driving over to take a look,  one a couple of sites down was better.  The kids began to set up tents and we drove back to the administration building to switch sites.  As soon as I told the girl, she informed me the better site had just been taken. Great!  So, we rushed back to tell the kids we couldn’t take the better site.

We set up on the smaller cite and as I looked around, I could not believe how many people were there!  The campground was totally packed, save for the one site we decided not to take.  It was near the restrooms and I had visions of people coming by all night long,  making Angus and Murphy restless.

As it was, we were next to some people with a Lab that tried to walk into one tent and jump into our truck. Why should anyone obey the six-foot leash law, after all?  Argh!  Our little boys stayed in the truck much of the time so they wouldn’t get nervous and bark…there were so many “wandering” dogs!

Later on, the last site was taken by two guys on motorcycles.  They were rather interesting…the next morning, I saw them lying on the ground, wrapped in blankets mummy-style!  They slept out under the stars!!!! That was interesting. Oh, and the stars?  They were totally awesome!

Here are the very few photos I took at the park.

I love this photo!  The little girl was playing in the stream and the light from the setting sun was filtering in so nicely, highlighting the girl like a spotlight!

so, why did the turkey cross the road?  Yes, this turkey was just enjoying a Saturday evening stroll along the road.

I must admit at this point that I am one spoiled rotten camper.  Yes, I was missing our camper….terribly!  I missed the comfort of the couch and chair,  a nice little kitchen, running water, and yes, even the air conditioner!  As evening rolled around, so did the thick smell of smoke.  Everyone had a campfire!

Mark found out there were going to be fireworks at Quaker Lake at 10 pm.  We went and I (foolishly) took the new camera. Too bad I didn’t take the Nikon…I would have gotten more and much better pictures.

For some reason, the Canon had some trouble with the more colorful fireworks, but that is okay.  After all, the very ***best*** display of color was on our way to the fireworks.

When we got back, we decided to do something we never do when camping!  We made a campfire! Michelle was tired, so Ben, Mark, and I sat around our little cozy fire and chatted.  It was pretty late when we started the fire, so we knew we were going to be staying up late.  We were so enjoying ourselves.

Then it happened.  The Scotties were in the truck and we heard a distinct “click” sound.  Yes sir…Angus had locked the power windows on the truck.  Everything we needed was inside the truck…including both sets of keys!  So….Ben and I took a later-than-midnight stroll about a mile long to the admin building!  We walked along the bike path, and although the stars were beautiful, it was dark!

When we arrived, I told the police we had a rather unfortunate situation at our site.  After explaining the problem, one of the officers said they bought a kit for just such a time as this.  He reassured me we were not the first to have this happen. In fact,  he said one night, he opened five doors with keys locked inside!

The officer was so incredibly sweet. He worked on the door until finally the latch popped!  Angus and Murphy were such good boys. They never barked or carried on at all, even though this man with a strange looking glow-in-the-dark wire was intruding their space at one o’clock in the morning!

Ah yes, nothing like a good crisis to end the day!  The officer told us he would hate to think anyone would ever call a locksmith in Olean to get their door open.  He said he thinks the base charge is $250.  And, he said the locksmith knows the police can do it for free!

Ah yes, the fun times living with Scotties.  And, speaking of Scotties, here is a photo of Angus as we were driving to the campground along the park road.  We weren’t going very fast and he thought the air was smelling very fine….

I thought he looked all the world just like a black bear cub!

More Hammondsport and the parade…

from my small Canon camera. I had a few minutes before the parade began to walk around the town a little, so I thought I would give you, my reader, a small taste of this little town…

I took along my telephoto lens for the Nikon and was happy to use it. The only problem was that my photos were limited to a small angle.  I was glad to have the Canon along for more wide angle shots.