Getting ready for Kingdom Bound, 2011

I have been around, just too tired to post! 

We have been spending a good bit of time looking at cars. We need a vehicle that gets better mileage because RIT is a good haul and the Explorer gets about 15 miles per gallon.  The biggest problem is that cars are so expensive!  My goodness….they have increased greatly in price over the past few years.  We bought the Explorer in 2002 and got a good deal because it had 18,000 miles on it.  I wish we could find a similar deal now,  but all the “gas sippers” are in short supply.

I also have  been having a bit of a time with breathing lately.  No idea what is going on, but I do dislike the heat and humidity!  It only seems to make breathing even more difficult. 

Sometimes Iwish we were Amish!

Those photos were taken on the way down to the dentist the other day. Shh…..we  were a few minutes late for our appointments, but these are amongst some of my favorite photos….they look surreal, don’t they?  Another time, another place….far away, and long ago.

I included the last two photosjust because I loved the colors! 

We are getting ready for Kingdom Bound.  It begins Sunday and the kids are excited. It is always a fun excursion and they get to hang out with their friends each and every day, all day!   So….guess I had better get moving along!

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