Ah,what a quiet, peaceful day!

What???  Are you kidding?  You have got to be kidding!!!

No, it was not a quiet day, but we did have a little fun!  We had an early afternoon appointment to have some (more) work done on the Explorer.  This is not one of my favorite topics, to be sure.  But in all fairness, it is a 2002 and we have had that vehicle for alomost nine years. 

While we were getting a new part installed,  we looked at some new vehicles.  They have changed a great deal and the prices have skyrocketed! It seems something isn’t right when basic vehicles can cost a quarter of the price of a modest house!  While a house can increase in value as one makes improvements, a vehicle decreases the moment one drives it out of the showroom!

Ah well.  We drove to Victor and looked at some other vehicles as well. Sure is fun to get your fill of new car smell!!!!

Here are some photos from today…..

We left home shortly after noon and just got home at almost nine-thirty.  And tomorrow….more of the same. Doctor and dentist appointments are sure to keep us hopping again!

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  1. Aren’t the prices inSANE????? My Jeep is older than yours…but we have decided to try to get it fixed anyway…this particular problem requires the garage to fix it. In most cases, Ben fixes it, but not this time…it’s too complicated. Something about the engine being lifted?? Anyway, LOVE these pics you took today!!

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