It is too hot. Seriously!

I have been having trouble breathing the past couple of days…I am pretty sure this weather is doing it and it makes me so mad! I have never been a great fan of summer and this hot weather is really taking it to the limits. I cannot believe how brown the lawns are getting everywhere and I don’t think there is much rain in sight…

Well, I tried to make the best of it today.  Mark and I went to Canandaigua this afternoon, so I got a couple of pictures there, too.  So, I will just let the photos do the talking….it is too hot to talk!

And there you have it!  It is 11:24pm and for the first time today, I am feeling comfortable.  That is because I took a cool bath and am lying down with the fan blowing on me!  If I didn’t know better,  I would think we are living in Florida!

Keep cool!!!

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  1. I hear you!! I really did not step outside today except for about five seconds to turn the grill on. It is unbelievable! One would think being so far North we would not be feeling the heat…wrong! Sooooo glad we have central air at the cottage! We had alot of visitors today…wanting to get cooled off! There is even an air quality warning. Stay cool!!

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