It is too hot. Seriously!

I have been having trouble breathing the past couple of days…I am pretty sure this weather is doing it and it makes me so mad! I have never been a great fan of summer and this hot weather is really taking it to the limits. I cannot believe how brown the lawns are getting everywhere and I don’t think there is much rain in sight…

Well, I tried to make the best of it today.  Mark and I went to Canandaigua this afternoon, so I got a couple of pictures there, too.  So, I will just let the photos do the talking….it is too hot to talk!

And there you have it!  It is 11:24pm and for the first time today, I am feeling comfortable.  That is because I took a cool bath and am lying down with the fan blowing on me!  If I didn’t know better,  I would think we are living in Florida!

Keep cool!!!