Another first!

Wow, this month saw me riding in a police cruiser (at Allegany State Park) for the first time.  No, if you missed it, I was not arrested, but getting a ride back to our campground after Angus locked the powerlocks on the truck…the policeman got the doors opened for us! (the keys were inside the truck, of course!)

So…Mark and Ben arose early in the morning yesterday to try to muscle the old wheel bearing hub off the truck.  They worked at it for quite some time before Mark decided that they were not going to be able to do the job.  Sheer disappointment for both Mark and Ben.

Mark called the Chevy garage and inquired about whether they could do the job yesterday.  Yes!  Mark made an appointment for 1pm and the garage even agreed to use the hub Mark had already purchased.  Wow, that was great!  But in order to coordinate everything to work together, Mark had to call AAA at the right time to get the flatbed to haul the truck.

Mark had asked if the service manager thought it might be okay to drive the truck in for the appointment.  The fellow told Mark he had seen some vehicles start on fire or the wheel begins to wobble and destroys the brake and rotor on the tire.  Mark decided it would be better to have the truck towed!

Since Mark couldn’t very well travel to the garage in the tow truck,  he asked if I would go.  I said yes.  So, this was my first ride in a tow truck!  A flatbed, no less!  As we rode to Canandaigua, the driver told me he had seen a car loose its wheel due to a wheel bearing failure.  He said it was a mess…the wheel rolled off, causing the axle to fall onto the road, gouging it and making it impossible for the driver to steer.  He said no one was injured, but he had a terrible time getting the car loaded onto the truck.  I am so grateful we were able to drive as many miles as we had with no trouble!

I waited at the Chevy garage while the truck was being repaired.  Unfortunately, the splash guard behind the wheel had rusted so badly, it had a hole in it. Although a cheap part, the process of putting the truck back together would be delayed a bit because a new guard had to be delivered from Rochester.

I ended up waiting a total of only two hours for the truck to be fixed!  I watched as it was driven around to the front parking lot.  The service manager came with the bill and I paid…then off I went!  Interestingly, the last time I had driven the truck a few weeks ago, I thought the brakes felt a little “funny”.  As I drove the truck out of the parking lot, everything felt great!  I told Mark this and he said he thinks the wheel bearing failure happened over a length of time.  He said he wondered if the power steering needed more fluid, too! 

We are waiting to hear from the Ford garage about the Explorer. It has been three days since it was towed there and we were told it would probably be at least two days of working on it. 

I will be so glad once our vehicles are all set in working order once again!  The stress of not having a working vehicle yesterday was incredible.  It is a strange feeling to realize you have no means of transportation!