The Ospreys

As we were leaving Allegany State Park, we passed by an Osprey nest.  Now, I am no ornithologist, but I think the difference between Osprey and Bald Eagles nests appears to be size.  I am thinking the eagles make a much deeper nest.  Both types of birds use tree branches that look like they are huge….it is hard to comprehend just how they build their nests….watching a nest building would be very interesting!

We spotted the Osprey nest built up on top of a telephone pole.  I asked Mark to stop so I could have a look and he pulled over.  I got out and began walking toward the pole….There was an adult bird in the nest and I saw one youngster in there as well.  As I walked down the road,  the bird in the nest began screeching like a banshee!  I moved across the road and that seemed to calm the bird down some.

Believe me, seeing the size of these birds and their talons, I would never want to mess with one!

As I was walking along,  I caught sight of another Osprey flying.  I half-heartedly tried to capture a few photos of the bird in flight and was amazed when many of them actually turned out well!

If you enlarge these photos by clicking on them, you can see more detail.  I have learned that I am really much more of a naturalist photographer than an urban one!  Our trip to Buffalo really made me realize that. I would rather wait in the woods for a photo op than to get out on the streets to capture city life and movement!