Kids’ day out

Well, after having to drag two teens kicking and screaming to visit…hahahah….just kidding!  The kids had such a great day on the Fourth…they loved it!  It is always fun to visit with my parents and Randy.  Randy always has an interesting project and the kids love hearing all about what everyone has been up to.

We had told the kids they could visit with their friends the next day, so we worked in the morning and into part of the afternoon before leaving for Penn Yan.  We dropped the kids off and Mark and I went for a little explore on our own. Of course, we both love seeing new places and sights.

The kids didn’t stay as long as they sometimes do, and it was soon time to find them.  Yes, we were going to pick them up at “the wall”.  This is a place all the kids in Penn Yan talk about and Mark and I had heard about…many times.  Somehow, in the process of hearing about this “famous” place, we never really asked questions.  That is pretty unusual, particularly for Mark.  We had heard that one mom had made a brave and daring jump from the wall into the water, so it seemed okay.

The problem was, we had no idea where the wall is located. 

We called and asked how to find our way and were told to just follow Outlet Road for “a couple of miles”.  We would be able to see cars of kids we know parked there…we couldn’t miss it!

Mark and I decided to head on out to the wall before we needed to meet the kids…after all, better a little early than late. We drove and drove and never saw any cars parked along the road.  We turned back and headed toward Penn Yan.  Then we turned around again,  knowing that the water had to be located along Outlet Road. We turned down a little side road that looked pretty much abandoned.

We found some interesting remains in this little place…indicating that a factory of some type had once been active there.

Mark said this looked like a big old turbine…probably driven by water.

Across from the turbine was this beautiful old smokestack….further indicating this was probably the location of an active factory.  Then we spotted the run down, tumbling down building next to the smokestack…

I find places like this so fascinating and only wish the turbine and building could talk!  Oh, what history they might divulge.

We turned around and left this area to drive on further.  Surely we would see evidence of the kids and their friends! Finally, we arrived at the small parking area where the kids had left their cars.  Since we were still early, Mark and I went for a small ride. We discovered two things…1) The stream we were following to find the kids runs from Keuka Lake to Seneca Lake,  and, 2) this area is full of Amish and Mennonite families.

As we drove along, we passed an Amish couple working outside.  A little farther down the road, one of their ducks was waddling along the road….

I was concerned this little duck was going to dart out into the road, but it proved to be a clever and smart duck, indeed!  It suddenly made a right turn and headed down into some tall grass where just beyond the grass was a small pond!

We drove around some more, awestruck by the beautifully picturesque and tidy farms owned by the Amish and Mennonites.  The truth is that these folks came into the area, purchasing some run down properties, and they are vastly improving not only the houses and barns, but the land as well.

Watching the clock, we did an about face and headed back to the parking lot to meet our kids.  As we were driving along, we came upon a family out for a nice Monday evening drive…

I am unsure if this is an Amish or Old Order Mennonite family.  This next photo is so pretty, it reminds me of a scene from a movie…

We met up with the kids and Mark and I began asking questions.  Wow! What a surprise we got…they said that “the wall” is where a few old buildings are that were industries…we were told it is like a ghost town along the water. Michelle thinks there were many businesses along the stream (river?) years ago.  Oh my!  I could feel my trigger finger burning!!!

We could not linger…for we had a camper to pack and   yet another adventure to head out to early the next morning…


The Amish in the city

I promised that I would show the photos I took with the little Canon camera when we visited my parents. 

We had driven up the side street where the house that the Amish were working at is situated.  The house is a cozy Cape Cod style home that is decorated country. When I saw the buggy in the front yard, I commented that perhaps they had bought a buggy to decorate their yard! It does fit in nicely, after all….

When we got to the home of my parents, I was so happy to see them, I had forgotten all about the buggy.  Then we heard the men working. My mom told me to go have a little look, so I did!

These two men were working away on the new garage. What I did not see was their horse, until I moved in on another angle!

As you can see, the horse didn’t have much grazing area!

I still am amazed that the Amish travel several miles to get to jobs in the city.  Incredible, really….especially when one realizes they have no GPS to guide them!