More Hammondsport and the parade…

from my small Canon camera. I had a few minutes before the parade began to walk around the town a little, so I thought I would give you, my reader, a small taste of this little town…

I took along my telephoto lens for the Nikon and was happy to use it. The only problem was that my photos were limited to a small angle.  I was glad to have the Canon along for more wide angle shots.

Immediately after the Glenn Curtiss Museum…

we headed off to the community of Hammondsport, New York.  This is a small community at the south end of Keuka Lake.  The lake is actually shaped like a “Y”….Penn Yan is at the northeast end,Branchport the northwest end, and  Hammondsport at the south end.

As we drove along the street, we saw people all setting up chairs along the roadside, as though a parade was coming!  We asked a man directing traffic (that in and of itself indicated “something” was up, as Hammondsport is such a small town, they would never need anyone to direct traffic, normally!) and he said the parade was set to start in about 15 minutes.

I hopped out of the truck, hoping to be able to find a suitable spot to take photos.  Mark parked in a parking lot.  Once I found the route of the parade, I called Mark and told him there were tons of places to park right along the parade’s route! He came over and parked in the street so he would be able to see the entire parade right next to him!

I went behind the truck and lowered the tailgate so I could sit and wait for the start of the parade. Once it began, I had the most awesome spot to take photos!  I was almost at the start of the parade and there were no people to block my (or my camera’s vision!)  This was so much fun and I hope you enjoy my photos!  I almost never take photos of people…give me wildlife!  However, I was so pleased that I got some pretty neat people pics!

I don’t think I was ever close enough to a parade before to notice that the firefighters who marched carried an axe! Each company did have their ax present, though!

Can you imagine this little guy’s excitement to be riding not only in a parade, but in a firetruck?

From time to time, the parade would get a bit ahead of itself and the units would stop for a moment. It was so hot this July 2 evening…I cannot even imagine how these fellows could march in their suits with the hats!  As you can see, a couple of them “lifted their lids” to let off some steam!

I loved it when the parade would come to a halt right in front of me!

Ummmm….I am pretty sure he was talking “official business” on that cell phone while driving in a parade….

*My* ideal firetruck!

Aren’t these shirts cool?

This is when I lost it! The bagpipes playing Scotland the Brave somehow just threw me right over the edge!

With so many firetrucks present, it was awesome…but this one really stood out as far as “decorations”!

“This” was being pulled behind a pontoon boat, being pulled by a truck! and….

this pretty young girl told me she painted the face on the dummy! As I was taking her photo, her little friends wanted to be in a photo, too! (It was cool that the parade had once again stopped right in front of me so I could talk to these young ladies!)

And there you have it, Dear Reader!  Now, this was far from the entire parade, but some of my favorite shots.

AND, this was just Saturday.  There were still two more days left to this holiday weekend.  More to come…..